Iron Fang Invasion Wrap-Up

Iron Fang Invasion is dreadfully boring viewing. Petals and Thorns isn’t that much better, but there is at least a question of what’s going to happen next, whereas Iron Fang just proceeds down the rails while two incredibly overpowered characters smash everything in their path with no resistance. The only reason I’m bothering to record and upload them at this point is because I started and don’t want to stop something partway through. This is not very rational, and in any case this last video is a decent-ish stopping point, so that’s where I’m calling it.

Speaking of Petals and Thorns, it and the GM’s Guide have missed a few updates due to a combination of throwing that Kickstarter together (it should be ready within a few hours of this post going live) and the fact that Google Drive is throwing a fit which is making it difficult for my cameraman to get his Petals and Thorns footage to me. All that stuff is still going to happen just as soon as technical difficulties are sorted out, and in fact Petals and Thorns will likely get several episodes dumped rapidly on top of one another to make up for lost time just as soon as we find a way to get those recordings from Jeff’s machine to mine. So far as the GM’s Guide is concerned, now that I’m no longer editing Kickstarter videos together, those should be returning starting next Sunday, and in the meantime you can find links to the text version at the top of the screen. That version is generally superior anyway. I’m hoping my videos will catch up to the text in quality by the time I get to the end, but I’m not there yet.

Petals and Thorns: The Bears’ Fate

Ordinarily this would’ve gone up six hours earlier, but unfortunately when I left the uploads to run in the morning, something went wrong and they weren’t finished by noon. I’m sure all the fans of my streaming are deeply disappointed.

Today in Petals and Thorns, the Order of the Bear meets their fate:

In Iron Fang Invasion, I got bored of the AP and decided to just make an army and throw it at the party and see what happens:

GM’s Guide Off-Script

What with how successful my professional GMing has been, experiments in my GMing videos like this one can take so much time that there’s none left to record something in the normal style if I decide I like the new stuff even less. So this is what you get this week: An off-script, even more poorly edited example that probably needed another half-dozen takes and will probably get covered much better in a fully scripted video two weeks from now.

In Iron Fang Invasion, Thorgrim gets in touch with his inner rock and the party kills two castles. Neither of them have anything really to do with the hobgoblins, but I’m sure that’ll sort itself out in the meantime.

The Battle of Ramshorn

Today in Petals and Thorns, no sooner has the party recovered from the loss of their ally Elisha when the Order of the Bear launches a punitive attack on Ramshorn. Joined by many new hirelings, they desperately fight to keep the town from being burnt to cinders.

Meanwhile, in Iron Fang Invasion, the party avenges themselves for the loss of that one guy and finally defeats Scarvinious, securing the people of Phaedar against retaliation. At least until the hobgoblins rebuild that bridge.

Video GM’s Guide: Art of Encounters

Video three of the GM’s Guide is up, in which I have figured out how to adjust volume in Lightworks so that things are no longer ridiculously quiet all the time. Why is the default so low?

And also a new episode of Iron Fang Invasion, in which our “heroes” face a setback while chasing down the leader of the hobgoblin hunters searching for their terror cell heroic rebellion.

GM’s Guide Video: Art of Rulings

If I’ve done my job right, there will be an actual, working video here once this post live.

As usual, I recommend the written form of the guide over the video form (even if the video is working properly) because I’m good at writing and formatting words but bad at voice acting and editing video, but I’m offering the video version for people who strongly prefer to listen/watch instead of read. I hope it’s not too rubbish in this medium.

There is also more Iron Fang Invasion:

Petals and Thorns and Iron Fang Invasion

I recorded two games that I ran as an effort to demonstrate my professional GMing skillz. Unfortunately, that demonstration is being held back by the fact that a decade of experience with GMing is desperately struggling to make itself known through the rank amateur quality of my video editing, which I’ve been doing for, like, a month. Music is so loud you can barely hear me and my players in Iron Fang, and so quiet that you can barely hear it in Petals and Thorns, which is particularly egregious in the opening narration, which desperately needs that background music in order to give it energy. Matching narration to good music in order to keep it short and make it engaging is one of my oldest GM tricks, but with the background music barely audible this video mainly serves to demonstrate why the narration on its own isn’t enough.

I figure I may as well post them since I’ve got ’em, but I’m not satisfied.