The Haunted House

This is another Vestitas hex encounter, part of the Vestitas hexcrawl in which a frontier long infested by Chaos cults is receiving a fresh new wave of loyal, pious immigrants to bring the light of the Emperor fully to the region. This particular encounter is not far from Brandt’s Landing, a town that sits right on the border between areas nominally compliant with Cardinal Romanus’ crusade and places that reject Imperial authority outright, whether forsaking the Emperor for darker powers or their own independence.

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The Chaos Mummy

This encounter is an excerpt from a Dark Heresy 2/Black Crusade hex crawl set on a planet called Vestitas. Nominally under imperial control, the Vestitas wilderness is still full of the remnants of ancient Chaos cults and Dark Age technology, and was the site of a penal colony gone horribly right several centuries ago. The wilderness proved to be much more welcoming than expected and escaped penal colonists proved ample fodder for criminal networks and cults throughout the jungles and mountains. Now Inquisitorial acolytes and Chaos cults alike search through the wilderness, looking for artifacts to destroy or keep for themselves. This encounter revolves around one artifact in particular, the sarcophagus and canopic jars of an ancient and immortal Chaos sorcerer.

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