The Gathering Storm Is Bad: Gathering The Storm

The Gathering Storm is the latest meta-plot arc in Warhammer 40k, booting up the story after its lain dormant for something like a decade. Anyone who’s read the title of this post will not be surprised to learn that I am not super keen on it. I’m going to jump in under the assumption that people have the basic Warhammer familiarity to know what things like the Age of Sigmar and who the Tyranids and Blood Angels are and why those two don’t get along so well these days, so if you have no idea what any of that means and you’re just here for a good rant, you will probably be lost. Vitriol begins beneath the break.

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A Shiverpeaks Bestiary, Part 6

We’re rounding out the Stone Summit today with their elite units from Sorrow’s Furnace. I haven’t covered every single Stone Summit from the game, but the Summit are already way more densely packed with units than even well-represented creature types like orcs in the standard Monster Manual. I think orcs could use a few more units to round them out (we made a few ourselves), but they don’t need twenty new unit types, which is how many would have to be added to bring them up to speed with the number of Stone Summit unit types in Guild Wars: Prophecies. Tabletop RPGs simply do not have the demand for tons of minutely tweaked versions of the same bad guy, nor is Guild Wars: Eternity intended to follow the level scaling of Prophecies (never reflected in the lore and abandoned in all other Guild Wars releases) that requires the Stone Summit of the Southern Shiverpeaks to be drastically more powerful than the ones in the Northern Shiverpeaks.

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A Shiverpeaks Bestiary, Part 5

We’ve got our first corpse exploiting necromancer in here, so it’s important to note that a “fresh corpse” is specifically one made within the last six hours (before rigor mortis has set in) and which has not been decayed by other means. Generally speaking, a fresh corpse is going to be the result of some very recent murder. If a corpse is decayed as a result of some spell or other effect, it is no longer fresh.

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