Sourcebooks and Adventures

Chamomile’s Guide to Everything

Chamomile’s Guide to Everything is a series of sourcebooks for 5e that includes playable dragons, vampires, werewolves, driders, angels, devils, demons, and dozens more besides, new subclasses for nearly every class, new classes entirely like the Healer, the Shapeshifter, and the Elementalist, improved rules for illusions, magic item creation, wilderness survival, piracy, aerial combat, and war, new monsters and action-oriented bosses, and more. All told, the complete series is 587 pages long, making it roughly the length of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, and Volo’s Guide to Monsters put together. The big book at the bottom includes all the content from the other twelve.


The Travelers’ Guides series is a sequel series to Chamomile’s Guide to Everything, with a stronger focus on specific locations which can be used either on their own as part of a different setting or with one another as part of the Creative Cmmons Weskven setting. It still contains new monster stat blocks, new ancestries, new sub-classes, and the transformation system used for powerful playable monsters from the Chamomile’s Guide series, while also including new backgrounds that let you spend hit dice on cool stuff.

Dark Lord

Dark Lord is a tabletop RPG where you play as the Big Bad Evil Guy. When you play as your dark lord, the other players take on the role of expendable minions as you pillage the light realms to enrich your own dark domain. When you play as a minion, you must struggle to survive both the spears and arrows of the forces of light and the wrath of your dark lord long enough to retire and bring a hefty bonus back to your dark domain when you’re playing as your own dark lord once more. Defeat the zeal of your enemies, the treachery of your allies, and master the chaos of your minions and you just might rule the world.

The big book at the bottom includes all content from the other three books combined.

Petals and Thorns

Petals and Thorns is an adventure path about power and what you do with it that includes eight or so dungeons (depending on how you count it), five major factions and nearly two dozen minor factions all at each other’s throats, and a succession crisis setting the whole thing to war. It was originally intended to be a three part series, but each individual segment was also made to serve as a potential ending just in case support for the series dried up partway through, which it did. That was before I made Dark Lord and Chamomile’s Guide to Everything, though, so maybe if I went back people would be interested in seeing the conclusion.