The Platyrrhini (Part 2)

We finish up with the New Monkeys today, which means we’re just about done with this foray into the fluff of Monkeys With Guns. At some point I’d like to finish up the actual rules (they’re about 2/3s finished) and release the game, but I’m not promising to work on that any time soon, since I have plenty of other unfinished projects I’m trying to tie off right now.

And also yeah, this blog is a one-man show right now, which defeats the original point and is probably also having a negative impact on quality.

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Monkeys With Guns: The Hominoidae

In an effort to keep our buffer from being chewed completely to pieces by finals week, we’re going to post some fluff from an old project, Monkeys With Guns, a war game about monkeys scavenging the remains of human machinery and weapons after the apocalypse. Specifically, we’re going to be posting the clan descriptions. Up first: The ape clans.

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An Ascalon Bestiary, Part 1

Most of the Ascalonian monsters are palette swaps of Pre-Searing monsters. That’s the point, after all, it’s the same place but after the apocalypse. For the sake of keeping the project’s scale somewhat manageable, I have collapsed lots of similar monsters together so, for example, we’re not getting a whole bunch of extra types of grawl, here. Also, I completely forgot oakhearts in the Pre-Searing bestiary, so we’re getting those here.

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A Pre-Searing Bestiary, Part 5 (fin)

With the last of the charr the Pre-Searing bestiary is now complete. We’ve also thrown in the Flame Caller for good measure. In the actual game of Guild Wars he didn’t appear until post-Searing, but adding him in made for a nice, symmetric two posts of three charr each capstone to the Pre-Searing. We’ll be looking at Post-Searing monsters tomorrow.

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