The Catarrhini (Part 2)

Today we finish up with the Old Monkeys. Tomorrow, we’re going into the New Monkeys.

Mandrills (Mandrillus Clan)

Mandrills are definitely the most spectacularly colored primate in the world, and also the only primate clan for whom the whole clan structure is actually optional. Mandrills naturally come together to form groups of hundreds, or even over a thousand, individuals, which is well into regiment size, which means there are all-mandrill troops who don’t have to worry about maintaining a clan culture at all. However, while these mandrill-only troops exist, going without the leadership of apes or the maneuverability of smaller monkeys drastically reduces their effectiveness, so most military mandrills do join mixed troops.

Talapoins (Miopithecus Clan)

Talapoins are some of the smallest monkeys in the world, and some of the most comfortable in water. As excellent swimmers, they naturally tend to live near the coasts or on river barges and are usually fishermonkeys. Sometimes, however, talapoins will end up led by a guenon, who are much more aggressive and intelligent. These guenon will sometimes form bands of river pirates or join up with a troop as an NCO of their talapoin cousins.


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