The Platyrrhini (Part 2)

We finish up with the New Monkeys today, which means we’re just about done with this foray into the fluff of Monkeys With Guns. At some point I’d like to finish up the actual rules (they’re about 2/3s finished) and release the game, but I’m not promising to work on that any time soon, since I have plenty of other unfinished projects I’m trying to tie off right now.

And also yeah, this blog is a one-man show right now, which defeats the original point and is probably also having a negative impact on quality.

Night Monkeys (Aotus Clan)

Night monkeys are the edgiest of all monkeys. They are primarily nocturnal and prefer to stay alone or in very small groups. Like all the monkey clans, night monkeys are racist and do not get along with those not of their kind. Monkeys of all sorts have been known to forge friendships with different sorts of monkeys when separated from their own kind, however, and since night monkeys have an aversion towards group activity in general, they have a weird sort of tolerance. Not an understanding of the strength that comes from diversity like proper apes have, but just a coincidental loathing for social interaction in general that makes their reaction towards even other night monkeys as tense and stand-offish as towards other species. In troops, night monkeys often pair up with orangutans, who have a similar desire to maintain very small social circles, although night monkeys are a lot more “darkness in my soul” and a lot less “I just want some peace and quiet.”

Spider Monkeys (Ateles Clan)

When New Monkeys want to make a case for their superiority to Old Monkeys (and there’s not a capuchin around to take the preferred route of savage mockery), they point to spider monkeys. Not only are spider monkeys amazingly fast in the trees, gorillas are even known to rely on spider monkey advice, though this is often kept from the other monkey species’ to prevent reprisal against what is often seen as rising above their station. Spider monkeys are known for their vendettas, as they are aggressive, territorial, secretive, and intelligent.

Uakaris (Cacajao Clan)

Uakaris have very little fat on their face, giving them the appearance of skin stretched over a monkey skull. This is exacerbated in the case of the bald uakari (Calvus Sub-Clan), who have no fur atop their heads and bright red skin. To monkeys unfamiliar with the uakari, it can seem like a monkey with a blood-soaked skull for a head is swinging around the trees like it’s not even a big deal. Uakaris live in the trees of jungles flooded annually by heavy rain. Unlike most arboreal primates, they don’t build anything on the ground because it might be washed away by the rains. This leaves uakaris who leave their home to join a troop wary of the ground, often for several weeks or months before it finally sinks in that the rainwaters here aren’t as relentless and you can build a shack on the ground and it won’t wash away come rainfall.


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