The Prosimii Clans

We are concluding both April and finals week with a look at the Prosimii clans. These are the least advanced but most adorable primate clans, and will wrap up Monkeys With Guns, which means actual usable stats for games that already exist and which you can play will resume tomorrow.

Prosimians aren’t recognized as proper clans and don’t get representatives on clan councils. Their small size puts them at a serious political disadvantage, and this is compounded by their relative scarcity. Unlike New Monkeys, they do not have the numbers to demand respect. Considered barely even primates by most monkeys and even some apes, prosimians are occasionally allowed to tag along with troops and often targeted by frequent raids otherwise. Because they are largely nocturnal, the response of most of the prosimians is to become secretive, and sometimes vengeful.

Lemurs (Lemuriformes)

Lemurs form a sort of primate outcast caste. Like New Monkeys, they are small, but unlike New Monkeys they don’t have numbers or any kind of legitimacy derived from the Precursors. Lemurs are often recruited into troops because they are effective nocturnal fighters, especially for troops that rely heavily on Old Monkeys and thus can’t recruit night monkeys. Lemur communities are frequently raided by wandering troops, which is why most of them are hidden. Some lemurs leave these hidden communities to join troops, which is often considered a betrayal by the other lemurs.

Tarsiers (Tarsiiformes)

Tarsiers are tiny, nervous wrecks. Because of their small size, tarsiers in troops like to attach themselves to bigger primates for protection. Although not nearly smart enough to repair Precursor technology on their own, they’re perfectly capable of following simple instructions and they can fit into lots of very tight spaces, and for this reason they are often taken under the wing of orangutans for use as assistants. Tarsiers are often found crawling through tiny maintenance tunnels or ventilation ducts for their orangutan patrons, twisting screws, taping over gaps, and cutting or replacing wires.


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