World of Horror Supercut

I’ve kind of dropped off posting the videos as they come out in favor of posting these supercuts, which I’m going through for the backlog right now, where I take a bunch of videos and cut it down to just the best stuff. Probably also going to do some more traditional supercuts at some point (Requiem has suggested “Chamomile is incredulous about Freudian theory” as a good subject for one, which will probably happen once we have enough material).

Even Professor Layton Is Sick Of Your Shit

I’ve been playing through the first Professor Layton game on mobile lately. It’s charming and the puzzles are, for whatever reason, much more entertaining than usual puzzle games are for me. The premise is that Professor Layton is a master puzzle solver and invited to a village where that is a skill that people care about, so he and his apprentice Luke head out and become embroiled in mysteries. The funny thing is that even Professor Layton seems to get sick of all the puzzles after a while. You’ll be trying to investigate a murder and a kidnapping and someone will be all “hey, before I get out of the way of this door leading to the north side of town, can you help me solve this puzzle?” and you can tell from the dialogue that even Professor Layton, the guy who insists he’s not a detective and just loves puzzle, is only refraining from decking this motherfucker because that would be too uncouth for a true gentleman.