Video GM’s Guide 16 – Sphere of Influence

The last of my video GM’s Guide series. Probably the best thing you can say about it is that I got a lot better at audio editing while making it, but its existence doesn’t diminish the written GM’s Guide, whose quality I still stand by, and some people just prefer explanations in video or audio format. Certainly there’s no denying that it got me past ten subscribers, so my play button made of compressed garbage should be coming in the mail any day now.

Video GM’s Guide 15 – Hexcrawls

WordPress occasionally decides that my blog is actually in London and therefore on GMT. This normally just means posts come out at a weird time whenever I forget to correct for the sudden time zone change, but for these video GM’s guides, the time zone doesn’t suddenly change on YouTube, which means it’s possible there’s no actual video in this post and won’t be for another six hours after it goes live. Hopefully I got the time zones working properly, though.

Video GM’s Guide 14 – Intrigue

I was going to record some CK2 footage to go with this one, but I was hit by a sudden feeling of dread when I started loading the game up and decided to abandon the idea, since barely-related game footage isn’t a huge highlight of these videos anyway. I think it was my subconscious trying to tell me “if you start playing this game, you will not stop until midnight, and your already behind schedule projects are going to slip one day further.” So here’s fourteen minutes of talking over a static image.

Video GM’s Guide 12 – Art of Campaigns

I anticipated that text content would be fairly easy to keep up while I was traveling, on account of being something I can produce while on a plane or otherwise in a setting where I can’t record audio, plus its low bandwidth needs means that the spotty wifi would be less brutal. Yet somehow, I wound up getting two videos out mostly on time, but with hardly a single text post in between. Oh, well, regular schedule should resume tomorrow when I will be back home.

Video GM’s Guide 9 – Believability and Variety in Dungeons

Largely by coincidence, the monologue on this one was the exact perfect length for the slightly-relevant Hollow Knight footage I recorded. Like, that bit at the end where the Hollow Knight footage cuts out in the same bench it started from and almost exactly in sync with the background music? That wasn’t clever editing, that was serendipity. As the failed experimentation in the audio probably indicates, I did not have time for clever editing this week.

Video GM’s Guide: The Art of Adventures

I didn’t end up even doing my full suite of audio fanciness to this one, let alone try to improve the video, since I wound up spending most of the week focusing on the Petals and Thorns sequel. Good news is, that’s on schedule! I’ll focus more on video improvement to the next episode, since that one’s about dungeon design and actually lends itself to an obvious visual depiction that I can make just by screen recording Roll20 rather than hiring an animator.