Video GM’s Guide 9 – Believability and Variety in Dungeons

Largely by coincidence, the monologue on this one was the exact perfect length for the slightly-relevant Hollow Knight footage I recorded. Like, that bit at the end where the Hollow Knight footage cuts out in the same bench it started from and almost exactly in sync with the background music? That wasn’t clever editing, that was serendipity. As the failed experimentation in the audio probably indicates, I did not have time for clever editing this week.

Video GM’s Guide: The Art of Adventures

I didn’t end up even doing my full suite of audio fanciness to this one, let alone try to improve the video, since I wound up spending most of the week focusing on the Petals and Thorns sequel. Good news is, that’s on schedule! I’ll focus more on video improvement to the next episode, since that one’s about dungeon design and actually lends itself to an obvious visual depiction that I can make just by screen recording Roll20 rather than hiring an animator.

Video GM’s Guide 6 – Social Encounters

Ladies, gentlemen, and humans NOS, I present to you the triumphant return of Chamomile Has A GM’s Guide But Instead Of Regular It’s On YouTube:

At this point these videos are mainly a vehicle for me to figure out how to sound editing decently, which is hard for me to do because I never really notice audio quality in the first place. I started using compression and normalization and stuff, plus I have a better microphone. Is it good? Is the audio done? Should I start focusing more on less generic video now? I guess the answer to the latter question is “yes, because I actually notice changes in quality there and can make meaningful progress without waiting for someone to come along and tell me what’s up.”

GM’s Guide 5: Stealth Encounters

The video GM’s guide continues, this time without an accompanying Iron Fang Invasion video. My grandmother’s funeral landed direct on the day we usually record that, which means there isn’t one from that week. It turns out there are some occasions that can interrupt my usually impeccable schedule. Anyway, today in the GM’s guide we’re talking about stealth encounters, something which really would’ve benefited from actually relevant video footage, which I did not have time to record and do not happen to have lying around from my regular games.

Video GM’s Guide: Combat Encounters

Today in the video GM’s guide, we discuss combat encounters, and the actual video part of the video creeps towards being relevant. Not particularly close, mind you, but closer than it was before.

In Iron Fang Invasion, the party scouts out the Hollow Hills in a string of random encounters that Paizo apparently thinks are thrilling. In fairness to them, these encounters might serve a pacing purpose for parties who didn’t turn the cheat codes on and make all encounters trivial.

GM’s Guide Off-Script

What with how successful my professional GMing has been, experiments in my GMing videos like this one can take so much time that there’s none left to record something in the normal style if I decide I like the new stuff even less. So this is what you get this week: An off-script, even more poorly edited example that probably needed another half-dozen takes and will probably get covered much better in a fully scripted video two weeks from now.

In Iron Fang Invasion, Thorgrim gets in touch with his inner rock and the party kills two castles. Neither of them have anything really to do with the hobgoblins, but I’m sure that’ll sort itself out in the meantime.

Video GM’s Guide: Art of Encounters

Video three of the GM’s Guide is up, in which I have figured out how to adjust volume in Lightworks so that things are no longer ridiculously quiet all the time. Why is the default so low?

And also a new episode of Iron Fang Invasion, in which our “heroes” face a setback while chasing down the leader of the hobgoblin hunters searching for their terror cell heroic rebellion.

GM’s Guide Video: Art of Rulings

If I’ve done my job right, there will be an actual, working video here once this post live.

As usual, I recommend the written form of the guide over the video form (even if the video is working properly) because I’m good at writing and formatting words but bad at voice acting and editing video, but I’m offering the video version for people who strongly prefer to listen/watch instead of read. I hope it’s not too rubbish in this medium.

There is also more Iron Fang Invasion:

GM’s Guide Video: Preface and Introduction

I’ll level with you, I’m pretty much only making video versions of this guide because I think it’ll catch a wider audience. You can get the written version in the upper right, and it’s generally the superior version. If nothing else, I’m better at writing than voice acting.

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