Petals and Thorns and Iron Fang Invasion

I recorded two games that I ran as an effort to demonstrate my professional GMing skillz. Unfortunately, that demonstration is being held back by the fact that a decade of experience with GMing is desperately struggling to make itself known through the rank amateur quality of my video editing, which I’ve been doing for, like, a month. Music is so loud you can barely hear me and my players in Iron Fang, and so quiet that you can barely hear it in Petals and Thorns, which is particularly egregious in the opening narration, which desperately needs that background music in order to give it energy. Matching narration to good music in order to keep it short and make it engaging is one of my oldest GM tricks, but with the background music barely audible this video mainly serves to demonstrate why the narration on its own isn’t enough.

I figure I may as well post them since I’ve got ’em, but I’m not satisfied.

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