Petals and Thorns Kickstarter: Day 15

Petals and Thorns is still on Kickstarter. The second week (eight days, really) was significantly less explosive than the first – as is to be expected. There was one absolutely massive surge, the largest since day one, when an /r/Pathfinder_RPG post really took off. Clearly that Pathfinder conversion stretch goal is paying dividends and going forward I should probably plan a 5e and Pathfinder version from the start, and just bake the extra cost of formatting two .pdfs into the .pdf stretch goal. A second, smaller surge came when I released Petals and Thorns: Hirelings, a one-page RPG, and promised there would be more like it for anyone who backed $5 and above.

Between these two surges, the momentum on the Kickstarter continued unabated even into the second week, but the days between surges revealed a growing problem: The rate at which Kickstarters own community pledged, by far the biggest source of support so far, was slowing down. This was not surprising, and in fact I expected it to happen much sooner. Eventually just about everyone on Kickstarter who wants Petals and Thorns will have already seen it and pledged for it, and apparently we reached that point sometime around day 12 or 13. The one-page surge helped mask this, but by day 15 incoming pledges are barely even balancing out cancelled pledges, not because cancelled pledges are at all common, but because incoming pledges have gotten so rare. The end of the campaign will hopefully bring in a rush of fence-sitters deciding at the last second to support me, which will hopefully more than balance the last-minute cancellations, but other than that surge (which may end up being negative!), I’m pretty sure the rest of the income for this project will have to come from posting it to new communities to try and find untapped reserves of potential backers. Unfortunately, I have no idea what communities might be left to tap.

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