The Quest Log For Meat Space

Seeing as how this is basically just my blog, now, let’s talk about my goal for the year.

Sometime around April I decided, belatedly, to have a yearlong goal. That goal has mainly been to keep this blog updated daily for a full year, all the way up to the end of February, 2018. The first post technically went up February 27th, 2017, so this is actually a year and change. As you can no doubt tell, I have occasionally had to sacrifice the quality of daily postings to maintain this goal, and once I reach the end of it I am very likely to switch to a more relaxed schedule. Taking a leaf from the (no doubt paperless) book of CGP Grey, I’m referring to 2017 as the Relentless Year.

Originally I’d planned to have a different goal for the year, but I realized early on that it wasn’t really doable. I’ve left a lot of unfinished projects lying around the internet, and I’ve decided to finish up all the ones started from 2012 or earlier, the ones before that being largely unrecoverable and unfinishable for various reasons. Here is a cropped screenshot of the (very simple) spreadsheet in which I keep track of those projects:


A couple of these projects (Genesis, Soul Eater) were for friends and not really the sort of thing I can or should share with the entire internet. The only reason they made it here at all is because this has also become sort of a life-spanning to-do list. Like a quest log for meat space. Just about every other finished project has been posted to this blog: Project Luna, Project Sun God, Project Slayer, and just recently Project Balthazar. Likewise, Projects Soul Stone, Precursor, Eternity, Blood God, Tyrant, and Sauron will probably be posted to this blog upon completion. These are all things I’ve committed to finishing in one way or another, although in some cases they, like Scoobies or Let’s Play Chrono Cross, may be posted more as a failed experiment that maybe other people can learn from rather than an actual good work unto itself. Projects Toxin, Erinyes, and Regina are for friends and unlikely to see any kind of publication.

The rules here are that I can only call something done if it’s at least a minimum viable product, can’t ship anything I’m unsatisfied with unless I don’t think the concept is salvageable without a total reboot, and while I haven’t figured out any exact numbers yet, I can’t start up any new projects until this list has been trimmed down rather a lot. I keep changing the exact number I want to get down to, but certainly no more than seven, since, as the red bars imply, that’s the point when some projects cease receiving updates for months at a time as I’m focused on other things. If I’m being honest with myself, Project Soul Stone and Project Erinyes haven’t really been actively updating while I wrapped up Project Balthazar, and I’ll probably only have the focus to get one, not both, of them updating regularly again, so one of those green slots should probably be turned yellow. Probably the smartest thing to do would be to get it down to three, since I can actually juggle three or four projects at once.

I started with the low-hanging fruit. Project Luna was finished in a weekend because it was already so close to done when I left it and Project Slayer was finished quickly because I decided it wasn’t salvageable without a total rewrite and scooted the (barely complete) product out the door, whereas Project Sun God and Project Balthazar both required about 6-8 weeks of dedicated effort to complete. As such, despite completing five projects (Genesis was already complete when I started) in as many months, it is very unlikely that the remaining four months will see four remaining projects completed, let alone seven. As such, the plan is to make 2018 the Year of Ending. I’m not committing to that, though.

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