Let’s Play Chrono Cross

Here’s a miscellaneous project that wrapped itself up recently. I did a Let’s Play of one of the first JRPGs I’d ever played, Chrono Cross, with my younger brother playing the game for the first time. The idea was that he’d be experiencing the game for the first time, contrasted against my having played the game as a kid, so his perspective would balance out any nostalgia I have for the game. We wound up losing half the commentary audio, so we wound up ending it halfway through the game at the end of one of the major plot arcs.

It’s…okay. I learned a lot about video editing while making it, but the main thing I learned is that my analytical commentary, which requires long stretches (2+ minutes) of uninterrupted monologue to make a detailed and nuanced point, doesn’t really gel well with my younger brother’s off-the-cuff jokes well at all, since he needs to deliver his punchline immediately after the game gives him a setup to work with. It’s not until later in the game that my analysis tended to get more focused, less rambling, and fast enough to avoid interruption, so the early stuff was pretty heavy on us just joking back and forth to varying amounts of quality and me occasionally starting in on something potentially interesting before losing my train of thought. It doesn’t help that the two plot arcs that we didn’t lose the commentary for pretty much work, and there’s a lot less to talk about when something works, especially off-the-cuff, than when something’s awful. It’s a shame that our best work was lost, because he just moved halfway across the country and we won’t be doing this again for a while.

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