Oldtown Chaos Landing

We’re finishing out Chaos Landing with the Oldtown section today.

G1) This is the Oldtown Arbites constabulary. A pair of lurchers and a skin wolf guard the entrance, but the building is empty.

G2) This is the Oldtown Church. It is protected by a telekine dome of armour rating 4 times the number of Thin Man maggotfaces still alive, and regenerates one point of armour per living Thin Man maggotface each round. Past the shield is a locked door, but the entire church is made out of thick armour 16 stone as well as having the usual armour 32 supernatural chains. Inside the Church is the Thin Man, alone. Upon killing the Thin Man, all random encounters will flee Chaos Landing.

G3) This is Oldtown Square, where is town hall, the seat of the Martinian family’s power. Seven puppets stagger around the square. Three maggotfaces wait inside the town hall’s lobby. They insist that the town hall is closed and ask any intruders to come back later. They will ignore all efforts at conversation and attack if anyone tries to go past the lobby or if they are themselves attacked. In the archives room is a pale lady guarding a map that marks the location of every key to every church, as well as the key to the mausoleum.

G4) This is Alkali Hospital. A corridor in the hospital is lined with rooms covered in plague crosses. There is no exit besides the ones the characters came in through and all of the doors are locked. Breaking them open reveals a filthy hospital room with no apparent occupant. Attempting to leave through the entrance takes the characters into an identical corridor instead of back where they came from. After a minute or two of “how do we get out,” the doors burst open and fifteen puppets attack. After the battle, leaving through any door will take the characters to a doctor’s office, where a maggotface holds the key to the church at G2, accompanied by his maggotface assistant. The maggotface doctor has a confident personality, the maggotface assistant is submissive, and they won’t willingly give up the key. Leaving the doctor’s office brings the characters back to the hospital’s main corridor, which now behaves normally with regards to space and time. Leaving through the main entrance will take them back to Oldtown Square at G3 and they can re-enter and head directly to the doctor’s office without fighting through a puppet ambush.

Roll Encounter
1 (3)A patrol of four lurchers with a skin wolf.
2 (3)Two gaunts with three faceless children.
3 (2)A trio of gaunts dressed in noble’s clothing.
4 (1)A single gaunt leading around six loyal puppets.
5 (1)Three maggotfaces in noble’s clothing, examining the buildings, the other creatures, and any intruders. One has a clipboard and is constantly writing things down. The only noise the one with the cilpboard makes is disapproving grunts. The others interrogate any intruders as to their place of residence and their business in Oldtown. No answers satisfy them.


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