Red Row Chaos Landing

You might think Brandt’s Landing’s red light district would be extremely Slaanesh in its Warp reflection. It didn’t really turn out that way, though.

F1) This is a small beach resort with a two-story hotel, a beach bar, and a private, enclosed section of the riverbank. A maggotface tends the bar and will offer to sell the players drinks. It’s an Average(+0) Influence check to produce the money to buy one. The glasses are empty. The maggotface will not attack unless targeted.

F2) This is the Devout Sister and the neighboring Companion Hotel. The street is home to a single gaunt, and the Companion Hotel has a cage doll in the lobby and a pale lady in the hidden coven room, which requires a Difficult(-10) Awareness check to locate unless the characters already know where it is from the Materium version. In the Devout Sister lobby there is a cage doll with four lurchers. The cage doll is holding the key to the Theater at F3.

F3) This theater has had its doors locked shut. It’s very easy to blow through, however, since its walls are only Armour 4 cover. On the stage inside is a Thin Man maggotface who watches while a cage doll strangles a faceless child. Upon seeing an intruder, the doll will drop the child, killing it on impact with the ground, and attack. The maggotface will attack one round later or when targeted directly. After killing the maggotface, the area is cleared and will not restock. Random encounters will flee to the first uncleared of Winter Estates (E), Winter Harbour (C), Oldtown (G), East Vale (D), Fireside Downs (B), or Wrenwrick Crik (A).

Roll Encounter
1 (3)A single, sobbing puppet
2 (3)A pack of three puppets
3 (3)A pair of gaunts
4 (2)A single cage doll
5 (1)A pair of cage dolls


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