Winter Estates Chaos Landing

If this entry seems significantly less Slaanesh than some of the other Brandt’s Landing entries, it’s because it was originally extremely Slaanesh and some members of the team demanded it be toned down before publication.

E1) This is Creek Avenue. The Mausoleum at A5 and the bridge at A3 both let out here, the mausoleum a few dozen yards to the south in the woods. There’s three puppets staggering about the street who will attack anyone who tries to pass through.

E2) This is North Street. There’s a playground on the south side where five faceless children sit on the equipment, not playing, just sitting on it, staring at anyone who passes by. They will not attack unless targeted and will leave if the Thin Man maggotface at E3 is killed.

E3) This church is locked with preternaturally strong Armour 32 chains like the others, but also like the others the door is just regular, though thick, wood and will yield to explosives and chainswords (its Armour is only 8). The key is in the school at E4. Inside the church is a Thin Man maggotface and a half-dozen faceless children. The maggotface is torturing one of the children while the others watch. Two dead faceless children have been discarded to the side. Once the maggotface is killed, the area is cleared and will no longer restock. Random encounters will flee to the first uncleared area of Red Row (F), Oldtown (G), Winter Harbour (C), Wrenwrick Crik (A), East Vale (D), Fireside Downs (B).

E4) This is Brandt’s Landing Preparatory School. A single classroom is lit. It’s a class of a dozen faceless children led by a puppet. They’ll attack anyone who interrupts. If the characters wait outside the ajar door, the faceless children will all turn to stare at them while the puppet continues to lurch and gurgle in front. Eventually, the puppet will approach a child and stab a knife into its face, killing it instantly, and the children will return their attention to the front.

Elsewhere in the school, behind a shed out back, is a group of four faceless children beating a fifth with truncheons. And in one of the corridors is an open door. A maggotface is inside a janitorial closet, dressed in a janitor’s outfit, with two faceless children and one actual child hung by their ankles inside, covered in wounds and beginning to rot. The janitor’s ring carries only one key, and it unlocks the church at E3.

On the upper classmen area of the grounds are four puppets who follow a pale lady around the area. Whenever the pale lady stops, sitting in a desk at one of the empty classrooms, the puppets begin to shove her around and gurgle at her.

In the library, also located in the upper classmen area, all the shelves are empty except for one that contains a single book. This book is a fragment of a Libra Chaotica. Studying the book for an hour requires a Challenging(+0) Linguistics (Chaos Marks) check and a Challenging(+0) Willpower check. If the Linguistics check is passed, the character takes a +10 bonus to their next Forbidden Lore (Heresy), Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Forbidden Lore (Daemonology), or Forbidden Lore (the Warp) check. If the Willpower test is failed, the character gains 1d5 Corruption. The book can be studied any number of times. The bonus does not stack, however multiple bonuses to the same Forbidden Lore skill can be queued up, so that the character will receive bonuses to several tests in a row before having to study the book again.

Next to the book is a small pyramid puzzle. Solving the puzzle requires a Challenging(+0) Logic test. If solved, the puzzle shines a bright white light from the tip of the pyramid, and the character who solved it gains 1d10 Corruption but also gains the Hatred (Daemons) talent.

Roll Encounter
1 (2)Pack of three faceless children
2 (1)A lone wandering spook witch
3 (2)A pack of three puppets
4 (2)A wandering gaunt
5 (1)A scavenging skin wolf

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