Star Wars Saga Edition: The Force

The finale of my memorial for my Star Wars campaign, this is a combination philosophical meditation upon and revised mechanics for the Force. While the previous two posts are useful for basically any Star Wars game (or, with minimal alteration, any space opera game in any setting), this post includes a very specific interpretation of the Force that I favored and which my players agreed was reasonable. The nature of the Force can be a contentious issue and this particular interpretation of it may not be well liked by all fans. It also may or may not hold up with the new canon at all.

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Star Wars Saga Edition: Logistics

The Saga Edition house rules in my previous post made periodic references to a logistics system. This is that logistics system. It’s copy/pasted from a forum post and occasionally references earlier versions of the logistics system with the expectation that the reader will know what they are, but never in a way that makes it unclear what the new rules are (I checked). It’ll just sometimes say something like “we still have [rule],” because readers of the forum post will have seen that rule before. The rule is still explained in full for the benefit of this blog, and for reference.

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Star Wars Saga Edition: War

It’s clear at this point that my Saga Edition group has dissolved. Alas, but it seems we were too busy for too many months and now the will to go on playing has gone. Also, some people appear to have stopped using Discord entirely. To memorialize the occasion, I’m posting my house rules for the war system. It’s fairly easy to adapt to other systems, but very notably it’s also untested. I had originally planned to post a refined version after it saw actual use in the later stages of the campaign when the wars in the stars got going, but that never happened, so instead you get the prototype version. Caveat emptor.

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Star Wars: Vehicle Stats

You can find appropriate vehicle stats to whatever era you’re using in the various Saga Edition sourcebooks. The generic ones I give here can be used to plug in some holes, although many of them are closely based on stats taken from various sourcebooks to begin with. The main draw for this post is going to be the organization of armor or artillery companies, and that is going to be interesting mainly to the extent that your players are fighting an entire enemy regiment, in pieces or all at once as a massive and spectacular set piece.

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Star Wars: Company Stats

Continuing on where we left off yesterday, here we have stats for troops that show up at what I call “the company level,” but in retrospect I can’t remember why because they aren’t actually company-level assets at all. I mean, the commandos in particular are guys who are specifically designed to work as individual squads. Oh, well.

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Star Wars Saga Edition: Platoon Stats

I run a Star Wars: Saga Edition campaign. This campaign takes place in the misty recesses of the early Republic, so it doesn’t use standard stormtrooper or Sith trooper stats, and in any case I find those statlines to be pretty bland after a while. Granted, they’re only supposed to be first-level encounters, but it’s not like there’s a whole ton of variety as you get into higher levels if your enemy remains more or less “the Empire” (or period equivalent). When Emperor Xim (yes, that is a legends character and not an OC) shows up with an army, is he going to have nothing but “stormtrooper” and “stormtrooper but level 8?” That can work, and for my first campaign, Birth of the Republic, I largely relied on these kinds of things, using combat largely as filler between political scenarios.

For Nine Thrones of Xim, however, I statted out a much more complex and balanced set of military mook stats. I then lost those stats. I have combed over every one of my notes documents and as far as I can tell the full stats for these guys are no longer on my machine. What I do still have are the shorthand stats I use for running them in combat, so that’s what I’m posting to celebrate the upcoming release of Episode VIII: Barely usable abbreviated stats for an edition that stopped publishing nearly a decade ago. That said, even in their abbreviated form they are usable and add a lot of interesting flavor to what would otherwise just be ten identical stormtroopers.

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Birth of the Republic: The Unification War

At this point, the party became more directly involved in the events of the major war, and things drove towards their climax. The final session was just a four-ish hour long diplomatic negotiation between various galactic powers whose war assets were mostly exhausted, which I thought was a fitting way to end the campaign.

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Birth of the Republic: The Perlemian Conflicts

Throughout this section, the greater wars between galactic powers were largely dice driven. While powerful planets like Coruscant had better odds of success than comparatively weak planets like Corellia or especially tiny ones like Corulag or Brentaal, in the end it was pretty much anyone’s game at all times. The party would attempt to influence the course of events, but were still too low level to get involved in a clash of the titans directly (they could kill a few storm troopers, for sure, but they wouldn’t be turning the tide of any battles), so instead they focused on building alliances and black ops. A lot of the direction of the plot here came from the party reacting to these semi-random events.

This arc also includes a quick look at what happens when all the party’s main strategic thinkers aren’t around that week, so the next step of the delicate black ops-assisted diplomatic negotiations is left in the hands of the guy who’s barely taking things seriously. It turned out better than you might expect, all things considered.

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Birth of the Republic: The Force War

We were level 9 for like two months. A little bit into this plot arc, I (on suggestion of one of my players) began a much more involved application process for the game. This resulted in far more party stability. The effort required to fill out the application deterred flakes and the answers to the application questions made it obvious which players didn’t actually want to engage with the campaign’s plot or themes at all and were just blindly applying to every Star Wars campaign, which kept player turnover to a sporadic event rather than a constant inundation as players joined, played for two weeks, and then silently departed.

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Birth of the Republic: The Rath Koltu Plot

This blog has been less of a team effort than I might’ve hoped. We may end up switching to a less demanding schedule for a while. For now, we’ll make up the dead air with some plot summaries of a Star Wars: Saga Edition campaign I ran a few years ago. The campaign was called Birth of the Republic and took place immediately after the Force Plague wiped out the Rakata, and concerned the Unification Wars, the violent conflict that ultimately ended in the foundation of the Galactic Republic. This first plot arc was marred by an extremely light screening process for new players, which led to a lot of flakes who showed up for only a handful of sessions before dropping out, which is why there is an intense amount of player turnover here (although in one case a character switch happened because a player wanted to play something different).

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