Four of Clubs: Escape: Curse of the Temple: Colon Cancer

This is the episode where I realized after I’d already shot and written everything that the show may be categorically mediocre without the Commander, without having enough time to actually change anything about this one, which is heavy on plot and light on reasons to care. The limitations of not being able to introduce any new characters unless they’re either bit parts with just a few lines or can be represented with voice modulation is also seriously inhibiting my writing.

Two of Clubs (Deep Space D6)

With my video GM’s guide finally complete, I need to find new Sunday video content. Or, y’know, I could just continue not having any content at all on Sundays like I did for like three months that one time, but YouTube is such a massive potential audience that I feel the need to at least try to capture that market.

I’m still focused far more on audio than video, though, so for now I’m doing that thing where you upload what is basically a podcast to YouTube because tons of people listen to YouTube videos like they were podcasts but don’t listen to actual podcasts. Go figure. Anyway, this one is Podcast Theater, specifically, a dramatized after action report of a game called Deep Space D6, played in Tabletop Simulator, in which all three roles are played by myself using different Voxal voices.