A Pre-Searing Bestiary, Part 3

Readers may ask: Why have a new skeleton at all when it’s so close to what’s in the Monster Manual? The answer is that while the differences are minor, they’re pretty important to the Necromancer class. Also in this spooktacular update is a gargoyle, a slightly-less-giant spider, and, uh…a giant plant that heals people. WoooOOOOoooo!

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The Pre-Searing Bestiary, Part 2

In this post: Elementals that do not have the elemental type. Elementals are different things in Guild Wars than in D&D. In D&D, an elemental is a creature from an elemental plane, made of that plane’s essence. In Guild Wars, an elemental is a creature spontaneously created by elementalist magic, usually on the prime material. The closest two equivalents in D&D types to the Guild Wars version of an elemental are constructs and monstrosities. By the description alone, they fit monstrosities a little better, but they have much more in common with the monsters in the construct type than in the monstrosity type.

Also, drakes and grawl.

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A Pre-Searing Bestiary, Part 1

Here’s something brand new: Monsters from Guild Wars 1 statted up for D&D 5e, region by region, starting with Pre-Searing Ascalon (we may or may not go in strict chronological order). People might reasonably be afraid that this is a trend towards abandoning projects to work on whatever seems shiny right now. Fear not, because that is actually the opposite of true. One of our contributors has recently written up a list of all abandoned projects and is trying to complete them all. In the case of this particular project, an effort to make a homebrew Guild Wars 1 RPG is being re-examined and is being redesigned as a D&D 5e hack rather than a totally standalone homebrew.

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