Salt Lake Comic Con 2021

There was no Salt Lake Comic Con in 2020, obviously, but they booted things back up for 2021. The vaccine had come out a month ago, and everyone was cautiously creeping out of their bunkers with masked faces and little band-aids on their arms from the booster shots. It’s still not really clear to me whether or not this kind of thing was a good idea for society, but I had firmly secured a fulltime job making D&D books for Kickstarter at that point, which meant it was very easy for me to quarantine for two weeks both before and after these kinds of events, so any covid that bodyhopped into me hoping to jump into a new host later on was in for a rude surprise even if my shiny new antibodies turned out to be asleep at the wheel.

I didn’t end up posting any pictures, though, so let’s drop them here to get us caught up before I move on to 2022.

A lot of people just slapped their everyday mask onto whatever costume they were wearing, but some made costumes that had masks built in, like these three. No idea who they’re cosplaying as, but I respect the commitment to incorporating the pandemic safety measures into the costume.
Praise be.
Helluva Boss had a lot of really good episodes, but it keeps setting up long-running plots and not following up on them, when it could’ve tied those plots off in their debut episode and avoided created expectations. Fizzbot here is still an awesome character and costume, though.
Another costume that I think may have been selected specifically due to pandemic concerns. The only way to get more protected would be with a fully functional spacesuit carrying an independent oxygen supply.
Pyramid Head has been coming up at Comic-Con a lot, lately. Silent Hill is well and truly dead, so I’m not sure what’s causing the uptick. I like the pint-size take on the costume, but no points for pandemic safety. It doesn’t count as a mask if you’ve punched giant fucking holes in it at mouth level.

Continuing our trend of people not taking the pandemic seriously. Avatar is always a reliable source of good group costumes.

Even with the Con being cancelled in 2020, this has my Waldos-per-year quota covered through the end of Biden’s (first?) term.
Da da da da da daaaaaaaa da da da di ya da da da da di ya da
The more modern the character is, the easier it is for the cosplayer’s everyday facemask to work as part of the costume. This Aeris, for example, almost looks like she could be “pandemic Aeris” the same way you might have variants like “steampunk Aeris” or “spear Aeris” or whatever. The color scheme’s off, though. And the real star of this is obviously the chocobo, but there’s less to say about that.
This game had god-tier character design.

And the Harley Quinn round-up clocks in at thirteen Harleys. Suicide Squad Harleys are no longer even a plurality of the set, with only 3 Squad Harleys compared to 4 BTAS Harleys (7 if you count a couple of bikini Harleys that use the BTAS symbols and color scheme).

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