Invincible Bears

Banners of Ruin is a deckbuilding RPG in the kind-of-like-Redwall genre of slightly anthropomorphized animals in a medieval society. So, you assemble a deck of cards by choosing one from a random selection of three every time you win a combat, with cards representing different fighting techniques, weapons, shields, and so forth. In my current playthrough, I happen to have been able to recruit several additional bear party members, and I also happen to have run into a lot of heavy armor that I’ve used to further augment their tankiness. The end result is that in a game where enemies who deal 20-25 damage are supposed to be especially lethal, I have a party full of bears who each individually have 50+ armor on top of their 50+ HP. Armor is restored to maximum after each fight (but HP is not), and non-boss enemies have almost no hope of getting through my armor to hit my HP, which means I don’t even really have to worry about healing because of how incredibly resilient I am.

I have dubbed this build “Invincible Bears” and although all of the bears died, a single stray mouse was able to stagger to victory. This was only, like, my third run, but I guess I’m putting this on the Completed list. God knows I’m not going to sink in like 50 hours or whatever to unlock whatever secret ending I’m sure is buried under challenge modes or grinding for ultra-rare encounters or whatever.

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