I Guess I Got The Bad Ending In Minoria

I appear to have gotten the bad ending in Minoria. The violently deranged princess is still full of self-loathing from the horns she’s been cursed with, even though they don’t seem to have any impact on her life except a purely symbolic association with witchcraft. She’s burning the witch forest of Minoria down over and over again, but it never stays burned.

Apparently, to get the good ending, when she said not to kill the end boss witch so she could do it herself, I’m supposed to refuse – which is actually refusing to kill the end boss witch entirely, rather than insisting on doing it personally, which is how it scanned to me. Having looked it up on YouTube, the additional end boss against the princess seems pretty easy and straightforward, so I’m guessing that the reason for this is because the more obvious way to offer the choice – picking whether to support the princess or the witch before you’ve beat the witch into submission, rather than being asked to about-face after you’ve seemingly already been railroaded into picking a side – would’ve left the good ending with a really lackluster final boss.

They could’ve at least made the final choice less ambiguous. As it is, the princess says “let me kill the witch myself” and your responses are “as you wish, Your Highness” and “I refuse.” Changing the second one to “I won’t let you kill her” would’ve at least signalled your very suddenly switching sides after just barely beat the witch down.

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