What’s Up With Spyro Achievements?

This is a weird, minor thing, but I wanted to tell somebody about it and I have decided to dump these weird thoughts into my blog. Sometimes they turn into longer, more interesting posts. Not this one, though, this one is short and weird and probably no one but me cares about its subject.

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy is, of course, three different games remastered together and released as a set. The original games did not have achievements. So you’d think that whoever it is that was making achievements for the trilogy would’ve been the same person or people making it for all three. But the Year of the Dragon achievements all have descriptions prefaced by the world they’re found in, which isn’t the case for any of the achievements in the other two. For example, Spyro 3’s achievement The Money’s In The Bag has the description “Sunrise Spring: Free Sheila the Kangaroo,” while the Spyro 2 achievement Buggin’ Out has the description “defeat 5 buggies while charging” – no mention of Canyon Speedway, the level where the buggies are located.

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