Salt Lake Comic Con 2019

Comic Con has come again. Several weeks ago, actually. I had issues uploading my pics to Google drive so I could get them from my phone to my computer. But it’s all sorted out now!

This Miguel and Tulio are clearly different from last year’s. Road to El Derado definitely deserves the love.


Props to these guys for even attempting to cosplay Order of the Stick, let alone actually making it work. Character choice definitely worked. A Roy Greenhilt and Haley Starshine on their own would’ve struggled to even be recognizable, let alone actually look like the characters, but Xykon and the Monster in the Darkness are easier to pull off in cosplay form.

I can’t wait for Silksong.
I always love a good group cosplay.
Found ’em!
The Sailor Scouts have fallen far from their peak a few conventions ago, when there were a dozen-odd, but these three are still representing.
This is my favorite couples costume of the con, and possibly ever.
Pathfinder 2e (birds for scale)
One of the booths was selling Pathfinder 2 core books (birds for scale).
The Last Jedi had serious problems, but at least it expanded the setting in interesting ways. These Praetorian Guard guys are a genuine improvement on the old Imperial Guards.
I can hear the soothing voice of Bob Ross in my head just looking at a picture of a cosplay.
Group cosplays are often impressive just on their scale, and the sheer number of people involved in this one definitely helps make it work. The costumes are individually good on top of that. The snitch is also an adorable addition.
There seemed to be a lot more Mandalorians than stormtroopers or rebels this year.
With family cosplays, I always worry that the kids may have been coerced into it. People coerce kids into doing things all the time, after all. Nobody in this one got cast in the role of “Heartless #2,” so it’s pretty reasonable that the kids might have actually been on board with it.
There were a couple of different Pennywise costumes in this con. It Chapter 2 came out during the 2019 Salt Lake Comic Con, so this isn’t super surprising. What does kinda surprise me is that I had to look up the release date to confirm it. How did this movie completely pass me by? The first one was a big deal in my circles.

And now a tiled mosaic of this year’s sixteen Harley Quinns:

I remember there was a Harley Quinn I saw while sitting down and was simply too exhausted to get up and ask for a picture from. I forget if I caught that Quinn later when I was feeling more rested. Either way, it’s pretty clear at this point that we’re never gonna see a Harley boom like we had right after Suicide Squad came out, even though she remains a very common cosplay. I wonder how the Joker movie will impact Harley Quinn cosplays going forward? Harley doesn’t seem like she’s actually in the movie, but maybe more Joker attention will boost Harley by association? On the other hand, the Joker character seems kinda pathetic in that movie, and even if it works and is relatable, henchgirling for a relatably mediocre character is probably not super-compelling. And the movie’s coming out in October, months before the 2020 FanX, so if it turns out to be really forgettable, its influence may have faded completely by the time I’m attending another convention.

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