FanX 2019

There was no FanX in 2018. Well, there sort of was. Originally, the Salt Lake Comic Con ran in September and the Salt Lake FanX, run by the same people, ran in April. The San Diego Comic Con sued them, and after several years, the courts somehow came to the conclusion that the San Diego Comic Con could trademark a name they had made no effort to protect for decades. So the 2018 September convention was called FanX, but I still call it the Comic Con, partly because that court decision was bonkers and partly because I don’t want to specify between FanX Spring 2019 and the upcoming FanX Fall 2019. So we’re calling the fall event Comic Con, and these photos come from FanX.

The Princess and the Frog was an underrated movie.


I don’t think this person was supposed to specifically be some kind of Star Wars character, but I took a picture because she looked kinda Sith.
Jack Frost was a real popular character when Rise of the Guardians came out. Someone’s apparently dug out the old costume for a second go.
I nearly walked right past these two without realizing they were in costume.
This looks a lot like these costumes were Tulio’s idea, and Miguel is just humoring him.
These guys are dressed up to advertise a big haunted house in Salt Lake City. I really like their costume work, but I’ll never visit. I’m a gamer. If something that looks like this jumps out at me in a dark corridor, I’m going to shoot it.
There’s always a Waldo at Comic Con, and there’s usually a Carmen Sandiego. This is the first time I’ve seen both.
I don’t have the slightest clue what all those lines on their necks are supposed to represent, but I still appreciate a Cuphead costume.

And now, the Harley Quinn round-up. It’s a pretty subdued turnout this year. I think Harley Quinn’s popularity – incessant since the Salt Lake Comic Con’s inception in 2013 – may finally be waning.

Seriously, eleven? And that’s counting one that I’m not sure is actually supposed to be a Harley Quinn. There’s been cons that had over fifty. There is a pretty good variety, at least. Some BTAS Harleys, a Suicide Squad Harley, a few kind of Arkham style, some crossover versions with like Deadpool and stuff, Harley and Joker in their pajamas was a fun new take on that couples costume.

So yeah, that was FanX. There were also some panels and stuff. Northern Utah is still full of writers.

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