Heroes of Ramshorn: Touch and Go

Heroes of Ramshorn’s Kickstarter will, as of the publication, be a little over halfway over. As of the writing, it has just under 15 days left and is 75% funded, needing a little under $500 to get the rest of the way, and a little $800 to hit that all-important Pathfinder conversion stretch goal, which will bring in more backers besides. If I can hit that stretch goal by the time the 48-hour reminder emails get sent out, I am reasonably likely to see a major surge at that last minute that could even carry me over the $3,000 stretch goal mark. The trouble is, $800 is a lot of money and my incoming pledges have completely stalled out. I need to find a way to get two or three more decent-sized surges out of the remaining two weeks, and while I’m still trying to post it around and see what I can scrounge up, so far I’ve not had any luck. I’ve still got a few more cards to play before this one is done for, and even the current level of success means I am reasonably likely to hit my base goal. It’s even possible that I’ll hit the Pathfinder goal and find myself suddenly turned around and seeing major success like the last one had (the last one benefited from its Pathfinder goal being a mere $800 – this sequel has to have a much higher baseline goal due to the higher production values the series got from its initial success). That said, every passing day makes it more and more clear that this one is going to be less successful than the last.

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