These Kickstarters Also Look Fun

I usually only poke around Kickstarter maybe once a month, but I naturally tend to spend more time there when I have a campaign of my own going, which means it’s usually also during or immediately after a campaign that I see other Kickstarter campaigns which look fun. Here’s the ones I’ve found this time around.

Deniable Assets is a game powered by the apocalypse about being the bad guys in a cyberpunk story. What really sold me on this one are all the stretch goals that have already been unlocked. There’s stuff here for horror, aliens, a fantasy conversion, plus a whole stock of locations and NPCs that I’m hoping will be interesting enough to serve as inspiration for any cyberpunk game.

Spellcaster University is back with a lower goal and, apparently, a more effective campaign, because they’ve raised more money than last time despite a shorter time frame. Just like before, Spellcaster University is a game in which you build Hogwarts in order to train wizards to defeat Sauron. There’s only a few days left on this one and we’re about $6,000 out from the next stretch goal (the goals are all in metric money), but I’m hoping the last minute crush will get that goal unlocked, ’cause that one is orc students and I’d love to see some greenskin wizards at the academy (I’d also like to see dwarves and elves, but those stretch goals are so far out as to be pretty much guaranteed not to happen).

Lancer is a mud-and-lasers RPG that looks like it’ll be worth backing just as an artbook, from the same person who did Kill Six Billion Demons. It’s already made a squillion dollars and therefore needs no assistance from me, but if you hadn’t heard about it and you like great art or shooting lasers while standing in mud, you should probably give it a look. I have no idea how this will be as an actual game, so if you want actually good mech combat rules maybe hold out for when I post a review article at some point in the future. I’m sure they’ll be selling it in .pdf after the Kickstarter is over.

Grand Guilds is like XCOM but with deckbuilding, and I therefore had to back it under the grounds that I will back any project that starts with “like XCOM but.”

Year of the Pig deck is a standard poker deck, but themed after the year of the pig, which is this year. They’re planning to do another eleven of these, one for each year of the Chinese zodiac, and they’re off to a pretty strong start so far. I’ve been collecting cards for over half a decade now, and I’m hoping to collect the whole zodiac set.

Finally, the creator of Quackup actually asked for my help getting the word out about his Kickstarter, which is for a fantasy adventure comic starring an anthropomorphic duck. Despite the ludicrous sounding premise, it seems to take itself as seriously as any fantasy adventure comic. I assume this guy contacted me because we have somewhat relevant Kickstarters and mine is doing slightly better. If so, I have bad news for him: The primary funnel for my project is not my social media or my blog. The primary funnel for my project is my project. I already like making posts about neat-looking Kickstarters, though – they’ll hopefully net a few pledges here or there for other creators and they’re easy content for me to write – so I decided sure, I’ll toss this guy in. When this post goes up, he’ll have just a few days left, but as of the writing he’s already hit his funding goal, and now’s a pretty good time to get the first three issues at once, in digital format or, if your spite for trees is exceeded only by your hatred for money, in print.


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