Heroes of Ramshorn: ‘Ere We Go

Back in September of 2018, I ran a Kickstarter for Petals and Thorns: Strangers in Ramshorn, a D&D adventure about power and politics in a small town caught in the jaws of imminent civil war. I’m now locking in final prices for maps, formatting, and illustrations for the sequel, Heroes of Ramshorn, so I can get the Kickstarter up and running. It’s looking like, in order to get the sequel up to the same level of quality as the original, I’ll probably need to raise something like $3,000, although that price isn’t final. The last one raised $4,000, so that should be doable.

However, the last one made me $24 off the Kickstarter itself and a little over $100 so far in sales post-Kickstarter, in exchange for like 80 hours of work. This was perfectly expected, and in fact much better than I initially expected (my original goal was $500, and initially I scarcely hoped to hit $1,000). My plan was always that I would have to accept minimal profits for the work put in early on in order to get the engine running, and that a greater backlog and growing awareness that I exist would bring in a larger customer base with each release. The question is, will I hit sustainable profits before I hit my ceiling? And the answer is: We’re about to find out. Well, maybe not. It’s entirely possible that I get more money, but still not enough to justify the time, thus stranding me for another four months in this limbo where maybe I’ve hit my ceiling or maybe the next one will continue the trend of increasing success.

Anyway, Kickstarter incoming. Just like the Magignosis Kickstarter, this one is probably not going to lead to any hiatuses in posting updates, although Tuesday/Friday articles may be focused on the Kickstarter.

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