Kickstarter: One Week Left

The big slowdown I’d be anticipating since the Kickstarter’s beginning finally hit in the third week. There was a single reasonably big day that came from one guy pledging $100 to hit one of the really big reward levels, but other than that, the Kickstarter has crawled upwards by $15-$30 per day, if that. There have been several days where it budged not at all, and overall the campaign has moved less than $300 forward. I’ve had some amount of success with a final wave of Reddit posts at significantly earlier hours when hopefully fewer Americans and more Europeans are around, but it’s still only $15 here and there. It does look like the $2,800 stretch goal will be hit, on the basis of that slow trickle of new followers, and it’s always possible that the last few days and final 48 hours in particular will bring out a final pulse, a surge that may carry me as far as $3,200 if we’re being optimistic. More realistically, however, I’ll probably get over $2,800 just barely and hopefully the credit card declines won’t exceed my estimations and I’ll be able to get Order of the Lion tokens. Unique tokens for the backers will be a stretch, however.

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