The Enclave: Pale Ladies and Pelagers

Enclave Map

Pale Lady Territory

Pale ladies camp out in the long dead reactor of the facility, which operated not on nuclear or hydroelectric energy but on some mysterious energy beam that is now completely non-functional. Instead, the pale ladies have turned it into a spook workshop, using some spook addicts brought in from Brandt’s Landing as essentially slaves to produce the spook and then serve as smugglers out to the Grey River.

Pale ladies have an initial Disposition of 30, with only a -10 for obviously Imperial parties. They prefer to resolve things with diplomacy rather than violence, not out of pacifism, just because several of them have mind control powers. The pale ladies have good relations with both the beastmen and the jumpers, and form a bridge between the two allowing them to negotiate to an extent, and have neutral but not unfriendly relations with the pelagers and blind men. Because they supply a valuable good to the outside world, they aren’t wholly dependent on the pelagers for food the way most others are, but still prefer to trade to the outside world for goods that cannot be fabricated in the Enclave and trade that for food from the pelager biodomes, rather than antagonize the pelagers by cutting circumventing their food monopoly.

12) Reactor Loading Area

This loading area was once used to export waste from the reactor below. The reactor’s output is significantly reduced since Armageddon, and is now used mainly as an entrance. The freight elevators are kept functional by an ungor mechanic kept here on loan from the gor clan. The 12 meter drop is otherwise difficult to descend, but no special expertise is required to use the freight elevator. In addition to the ungor mechanic, four spook addicts camp out here in an empty shipping container. A trail leading to the west splits, one going across the river to a fortress and the other remaining on this bank to pass by the bunkers. The freight elevators lead down to the reactor warehouses.

13) Reactor Warehouses

The containers here are full of hazardous waste. While sealed in their containers, they are safe. If a character should bother unsealing such a container, it requires either at least one point of damage past their AP12 exterior or else a Very Hard(-30) Athletics check to pry them open. Neither of these will stop a determined character for long, but the prize is toxic waste that deals 1d5 Toughness damage to anyone who comes within two meters of it and fails a Challenging(+0) Toughness check, (the containers are properly protected, so coming within two meters of a still-sealed container is not harmful), or 1d10 Toughness damage to anyone who touches it and fails a Hard(-20) Toughness check. One container has already been broken open, and a chalk outline has been drawn around it, warning all those who enter not to get close.

The warehouses are guarded by two pale ladies, a telekinetic and a telepathic, and four spook addicts. The freight elevators here lead up to the reactor loading area, while further in is the reactor interior.

14) Reactor Interior

Two offices here overlook two large pools of water shielding sub-reactors, whose products are pumped into the reactor core further below. The offices are on either end of a corridor. At the center of the corridor is a four-way intersection, with the offices across from one another, the doorway to the warehouses in the middle, and across from the exit to the warehouses the corridor leads to a catwalk that crosses between the two pools and leads to the reactor core. Beds have been brought in to the offices, while a camp site has been set up on the catwalk. A total of four pale ladies live in the camp site, one each of the biomancy, divination, telekinesis, and pyromancy schools, while four spook addicts camp out on the walk.

15) Reactor Core

Once, a beam of light so intense it would blind any who looked directly at it passed through the center of this chamber, but now the reactor core is dead and cold and has been replaced with a spook lab. Eight spook addicts work the lab, overseen by a telepathic pale lady. An exit leads out to the catwalks over the reactor pools at the reactor interior. A transit station is at one end, unoccupied, but the tunnel leads towards the transit east hub. A gap about a meter across at one end of the dead reactor once conveyed the energy beam to the power plant at the bottom of the facility, but now it’s just a bit of a tight squeeze followed by a five meter drop down into the plant – three meters if you hang from the gap before dropping.

Pelager Territory

Pelagers live in the aquatic laboratories just underneath the surface and the sewer system just a little bit further down. It’s not hard to guess which of these two is the more preferable living condition, and the pelagers assigned to hold the sewers are those who have fallen out of favor with the pelager chief.

Pelagers are generally amicable with a starting Disposition of 35, but you wouldn’t know it to talk to them because they distrust surface dwellers, which means any party that does not contain at least one member who is visibly adapted for underwater living takes a -10 penalty. Their control of the biodomes gives them a monopoly on food, which they have used to make plenty of friends. They trade food to the beastmen for spare ungors to use as peasants, to the blind men for manufactured goods, to jumpers for power to keep the environmental controls on their biodomes and aquatic labs going, and to the pale ladies for anything they need to trade to the outside world to get their hands on. With the exception of the pale ladies, none of these factions particularly likes the pelagers, but all of them must retain at least mostly friendly relations to keep themselves fed.

Because of their trade with the blind men, the pelagers have lots of specialized equipment for fighting surface dwellers from the water. Pelager man fishers have grappling hooks they use to hook surface dwellers and drag them into the water. Once underneath, pelager grapplers use their powerful pincer gauntlet on their left hand to grip the surface dweller in a vice and hold them underwater until they drown, stabbing them with a harpoon in their off-hand to help the process along. Pelager harriers have just the harpoon, unburdened by heavier weapons to allow them to swim quickly through the water and even leap out of it and as far as ten meters onto the shore to pounce upon surface dwellers far out from the edge of the tank or canal. Pelager harriers stationed on the surface also carry auto-guns, and there is a single pelager gunner manning a heavy stubber overlooking a large canal as part of the sewer system. Pelagers know perfectly well how to pick up and use any weapons left on the ground by their enemies, and also know that ranged weapons are a staple of surface combat for a reason. They won’t hesitate to use them if forced into a surface confrontation.

16) Sewage Canal (Sewage)

A river of human (or nearly human) offal divides the room here in half before being sucked up into a treatment plant that divides water from waste. Patrolling this end of the entrance to pelager territory is by far the least pleasant task, as it smells awful and the only source of water to swim in is the sewage, which means the pelagers tend to stick to the treatment plant overlooking the river rather than actually swim in it. The two pelager harriers stationed in the plant are dried out, suffering two levels of exhaustion and looking for any excuse to take out their frustrations on surface dwellers who pass by.

At one end of the river is a series of rungs bolted to the wall that lead up to a manhole that lets out in the east end of the starport. At the other end is the treatment plant that divides this section from the clean water on the other side. Exiting the treatment plant in that direction will take characters to the eastern treatment plant, while a service entrance at the top of the plant leads to the lobby.

17) Sewage Canal (Clean)

Clean water flows from the sewage treatment plant at one end of this underground river with steel banks, out into the pipes and pumps that take it to drinking fountains, toilets, and showers throughout the facility, all the waste having been extracted from it. Two pelager man fishers patrol the water here, and any ruckus will quickly draw the attention of the two harriers stationed in the treatment plant to the west and the gunner in the pump station to the east. Exiting that treatment plant on the west end leads to the sewage end of the river, while to the east the river is split off into dozens of pipes too small for any human or pelager to fit into, overseen by the pump station, accessible from a staircase on one bank of the river.

18) Pump Station

A bank of windows in the office here overlooks the clean water flowing in from the west, the glass of the windows long since shattered and one of them converted into a machine gun nest. A pelager gunner sits up here, manning a heavy stubber that overlooks the clean end of the river. He’s dried up and suffering from two levels of exhaustion. A staircase at one end of the office leads down to the clean end of the sewage treatment river, while a pipe just below it, the only one large enough to be swum through by a Medium(4) size creature, leads to the biodome river.

19) Biodomes

Green enclosures, once used to study strange genetic experiments in eons past, have been converted to farmland. There are four biodomes, with a single artificial river running in a circuit through each of them, and an underground corridor connecting them all in a parallel circuit. The pelagers have claimed this territory, and with it control of the food supply of the entire enclave. There are two dozen ungor servants on loan from the beastmen up top, overseen by two pelager grapplers and four pelager man fishers. The underground corridor once had an exit, but it has collapsed and none know what lies beyond it – but probably just several tons more of rubble, whatever secrets the laboratories past had once contained being now lost. Presumably, somewhere in there was a more convenient means of accessing the biodomes, but now they can only be accessed through the pipes that feed the river, which lead to the pump station on one end and the lower aquariums of the aquatic laboratories on the other.

20) Aquatic Laboratories (Lower Aquarium)

Debris rusted past recognition lies strewn about the floor of the aquarium here. There are no air pockets where surface dwellers might find respite, the entire thirty meter chamber being underwater. The pelager lord lairs here, along with a pair of grapplers and four harriers as his personal entourage. Swimming upwards leads to the upper tanks of the aquarium, while a pipe large enough for Medium(4) size creatures whose grate has long since rusted away leads to the underwater river of the biodomes.

21) Aquatic Laboratory (Upper Tanks)

The tops of several large water tanks are exposed and criss-crossed by catwalks, here. Once used for observing aquatic creatures for unknown reasons, the pelagers have destroyed all the cameras to prevent any surface dwellers from spying on them from the security office that sits at one end of the catwalks. The pelagers guard this entrance to their lair with a man fisher, a grappler, and two harriers, who are usually in one of the tanks, but are more than capable of leaping from the tank and up to a catwalk, and from a catwalk into another tank, should there be any need to do so.

The tanks extend downwards and eventually merge into the aquarium where the pelagers make their home. An elevator shaft next to the security office leads five meters up to a small building at the eastern starport, and fifteen meters down to central transit. The elevator cable is still intact and can be used to ascend or descend. A Routine(+20) Athletics check is required to jump out and grab the cables, while an Ordinary(+10) Athletics check is required to ascend the five meters to the top. No check past what is needed to grab the cables is required to descend them to the elevator car at the bottom, the top hatch of which has been removed, making it easy to enter the car and then exit to central transit.

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