Twenty Followers

This blog now has twenty followers. And I am about 70% sure that follower #20 is a bot. See, my Travelogue posts get fairly regular likes from people with travel-sounding names. I’m not surprised that people looking for WordPress blogs related to travel occasionally find my Travelogue series by mistake, but it’s super weird that they actually like the latest installments. Travelogue my have started as a joke about an American tourist bumbling his way through “Europe,” but after the first few posts I realized I hadn’t really thought this through, because the clueless tourist act stopped making sense after our hero had been there for several weeks. He’s not a tourist anymore, he’s just an immigrant. An immigrant who commands the loyalty of over a dozen dangerous individuals, so it doesn’t even work as a story about immigrants in Europe. Those posts now mainly deal in either playing the game’s grim atmosphere straight or contrasting that atmosphere against some of the game-y wackiness you ignore in play for some black humor. In short, there is nothing there that you would expect a travel blogger to care about. And yet, they give me likes and follow me.

Maybe I’m just paranoid because I’m used to platforms like Tumblr where some massive proportion of your followers are always bots. In fairness, the travel bloggers who follow me definitely seem to actually run travel blogs, but I still suspect that at least some of them didn’t actually stumble into my posts because of the accidentally misleading title and happen to be fans of Darkest Dungeon. I’m pretty sure they just have a script that likes and follows blogs it guesses might be relevant to their own.

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