Ostara Update: Simplifying

I haven’t been as good at updating regularly since moving away from a daily schedule. However, I have recently come to a realization regarding the Vestitas project: Why am I sticking to the 10×10 hexes? If I squeeze things into 10×8, I am done with the mini-adventures. With 80 hexes, I need 56 or more filled with something interesting, and that is pretty much exactly the number that I have. I do have one mini-adventure half-written that I may as well finish up and scoot out the door, but rather than subsequently making another dozen, I can just immediately move on to the remaining urbancrawls and the one big dungeon (ish) part.

Nothing about the project requires that I have a full hundred hexes, and I am seriously scraping the bottom of my ideas doc. Nearly half of what’s left is [element]-themed Chaos sorcerer, and the rest are all just random weird ideas. The snake mutant I already wrote kind of fell into that category, actually. Some of the ones I had to get myself up to seventy were really awful. I think the worst one was trying to turn a hurricane into a hex encounter. That doesn’t even make sense. A hurricane would obviously affect more than just one 30 kilometer hex. I’ve advised in the past that if you don’t have enough ideas to make a big hexcrawl work, you should probably just make a smaller hexcrawl, and I’ve clearly reached the point where I need to take that advice.

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