Humans in Star Trek

There’s a tumblr post about humans in Star Trek. If you haven’t seen it, you should read it, because it’s great, and also because my post today relates to it:

Star Trek Humans

My first thought in response to the Borg thing was “oh, come on. When facing an enemy who’s already adapted to the weapons you’ve got, but is known to be at least temporarily vulnerable to new attacks, why wouldn’t you just start attacking it with whatever just to see what they’re unprepared for?”

In fairness, though, I am human. Maybe in Star Trek the scene plays out like this:

Commander Spock: We have already thrown literally everything but the kitchen sink at the mysterious space god as per your illogical “maybe it has an unknown weakness” plan, captain. The only logical thing to do is to admit failure.

Captain Chamomile: But what if its weakness is kitchen sinks?!

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