URL Change

At this point, this blog’s original mission is clearly a failure, to the point where what few readers it has don’t even know what that mission was supposed to be. To the extent that it has survived, it has survived as my personal blog. As such, rather than paying to renew my original domain name, I’m instead paying for the (slightly cheaper, although it’s not super expensive either way) domain chamomilehasa.blog, which is consistent with my usernames across the internet (which also helps distinguish me from the not-insignificant number of people who use the same name online). I don’t think much of my audience uses the URL to access this blog anyway, and even if they do, I don’t have many readers to lose to begin with, but if anyone does get here by typing in the address, that address is going defunct in a couple of weeks, so probably best to get used to typing in chamomilehasa.blog instead.

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