Osea the Invincible

Osea is one of the major powers of the Ace Combat setting of Strangereal. Once Ace Combat 7 releases, it will have fought a total of three major wars in just 35 years. That’s a generation and a half, and in that span Osea has fought the Belkan War in 1995, the Circum-Pacific War of 2010, and the Osea-Erusea War starting in 2019. I can’t decide if it’s ridiculous that Osea has fought so many massive, continent-scale wars without any sign of long term damage to its industry or economy or if this is just a natural side effect of all Strangereal wars being decided in about two dozen sorties and thus lasting like six months.

Not to mention that Strangereal is a world where fighter pilots either fly perfectly uneventful patrols or else just sit around the airbase playing video games all day until there’s a major battle to fight. No one ever seems to fly a perfectly ordinary air patrol and actually encounter something. This is true even though it’s standard in the first mission to dogfight a small number of enemy fighters in order to get anyone new to the series used to the basic controls. That would seem like the perfect situation to be on a totally random patrol when you find an enemy patrol and they engage, but it’s usually “enemy bombers are going to blow up our airbase and finish us off completely, Player One, you’re our last hope for survival!”

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