The Death of Alignment

So here’s the 5e Monster Manuals description of how Chaotic Good djinni view slavery:

The djinn believe that servitude is a matter of fate, and that no being can contest the hand of fate. As a result, of all the genies, djinn are the ones most amenable to servitude, though they never enjoy it. Djinn treat their slaves more like servants deserving of kindness and protection, and they part with them reluctantly.

Look, I realize that D&D alignments don’t correspond with specific, coherent philosophies, so something like “the Lawful Neutral perspective on slavery” doesn’t make sense because Lawful Neutral isn’t just one perspective, it’s a grab-bag of different perspectives, some of which are radically opposed to one another, and exactly which set of perspectives it even covers isn’t even easy to nail down.

All that being said, if your Chaotic Good society is a slave state, we’ve reached a point where alignment doesn’t mean anything at all.

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