Sixteen of Thirty

I’m pretty sure I made my word quota and then some if you count all the writing I did unrelated to my actual novel, and some people do count literally any word of fiction written during November as part of their 50,000 total. Seeing as how my primary motivation here is just to keep being productive in a month that’s typically been fallow for me, I could probably justify taking that approach. It doesn’t feel right, though, and since the goal is arbitrary, I’ve decided to stick to 50,000 words written for the specific story I started on November 1st. By that metric, I’m at 25,938 of 26,667. Behind, but I should be able to catch up in a day or two. My primary worry is that if I have one of these lag behind days right before the end, and it takes me 2-3 days to catch up, well, I won’t have 2-3 days. I should try to build up a buffer to guard against this.

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