Fifteen of Thirty

So I had that dentist’s appointment today. Due to the lack of local public transportation, my car having broken down and my being absolutely sick of throwing money into repairing that clunker, not having enough money to buy a new one, resolving to just bike around until I can save up some more, and then the bike’s tires going flat, I spent a total of about three hours today walking to and from my dentist’s appointment. Not to mention about half an hour actually at the dentist. I have a cavity I need looked at on the twenty-seventh, so that’s neat. On top of that, a friend needed someone to talk to so I spent like two hours doing that, too. I’m not going into details for the sake of their privacy, but it was a huge fucking deal.

All of this to say that the last few hundred of my 25,116 out of 25,000 words are probably going to need editing, since it’s basically just two characters sitting around talking strategy. But hey, maybe not, because one character imparting martial wisdom onto another is an important part of the scene anyway.

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