Creating A Monkeys With Guns Troop: Ape Stats

Also a reprint of the fluff I posted before, because this is the part in the document where that fluff goes.

A troop (or company, if you prefer) consists of one or more platoons. Each troop in a battle gets exactly the same number of platoons as the other(s). Each additional platoon is going to make the game last longer by about one half-hour per platoon (which would make for an hour-long one platoon vs. one platoon game) if the players are focused and experienced or about one hour per platoon if the players are distracted or inexperienced. For an evening’s play it is recommended that new players start with one or two platoons on each side (for a 2-4 hour game) and veterans play with three to five on each side (for a 3-5 hour game).

A troop gets 400 scrap to spend per platoon it contains. Each platoon contains four squads, one HQ squad and three standard squads. The standard squads consist of 5-10 primates and 0-2 vehicles, while the HQ squad consists of a CO, an XO, and 1-4 specialist fireteams, each fireteam being comprised of two primates each.

Each of the primates in a standard squad must be bought separately and, if equipped with something other than their default armament, equipped separately. A primate or vehicle’s default equipment may be sold for half of its scrap cost, however every primate in your troop must have at least one weapon. Vehicles, however, may be completely disarmed. A standard squad must be led by a particular primate who is the sergeant, and if that primate is removed as a casualty, the squad must test morale. If they fail, they suffer an attack immediately, depending on how badly the morale test was failed, and may be pinned to cover for a round (even in the absence of any incoming enemy fire) or even rout completely.

The command squad must be bought like a standard squad, however in addition to buying primates to act as CO, XO, or to make up the fireteams, command squad primates may buy special talents. These talents must be bought from the appropriate category (COs can’t buy XO talents, Veteran talents, Anti-Tank talents, etc. etc., nor may any of those specialties buy CO talents or any of each other’s talents, and so on).


The Ape Clans (Hominoidae)

The apes are the most intelligent of the primates, and are capable of determining how precursor artifacts function, carrying out complex squad tactics, holding sophisticated conversations in sign language, and understanding how working side-by-side with a stranger (say, of another species) is a thing that you can do. This is not why they’re in charge. The ape clans are in charge because they’re led by the gorillas, and the gorillas are the biggest.

Chimpanzees (Pan Clan)

Chimps are clever, work together, and make sure the gorillas don’t go mad with power through the unstated threat of chimp ambush in event of excessive tyranny. As such, even though they’re not a member of the Gorillini Clan, they are pretty important to upholding its most vital traditions. Chimps are also really good at manipulating ape councils, because orangutans don’t like group activities in the first place and it’s easy to convince medium-size monkeys that small-size gibbons don’t count as apes, and that the monkeys should therefore help the chimps keep them busy during council meetings so they can’t show up and vote.

Accuracy: +0
Speed: 18 squares
Size: Medium(3)
Armor: +0
Morale: +1
Cost: 14
Teamwork: Chimps in a standard squad may form a fireteam led by a chimp corporal. This corporal may break off along with up to four other chimps from the rest of the squad to act as an independent fireteam. This fireteam acts as though it were its own squad, with primates in the fireteam needing to maintain distance to the corporal but not the sergeant, making morale tests to rout when the corporal is killed but not the sergeant, and being able to target enemy squads independently, including making a separate attack on the same enemy squad as was targeted by the parent squad. In order to unite a squad split into fireteams, the corporal must be within the sergeant fireteam’s sphere of influence. If a squad has not broken into separate fireteams, it behaves exactly the same as any other squad. Nothing happens when the corporal dies, and if the sergeant dies, all primates in the squad test morale together.
Intelligent: Chimp COs get a free talent, and any chimp may use an engineering torch to repair vehicles.
Versatile Movement: Chimps move at full speed when climbing.

Chimps are equipped with an assault rifle by default.

Gibbons (Hylobatidae Clan)

Gibbons are calm, placid keepers of the ancient ways of the precursors. Many monkeys consider them too small to be apes, but gibbons have the backing of the gorillas. Gibbons are masters of writing, meaning that they can copy precursor texts. They, like the other apes, can’t make head nor tail of what any of it actually means, but the orangutans get pretty far by looking at precursor blueprints and copying the pictures, so it stands to reason that if gibbons keep copying precursor words, sooner or later something awesome will happen. When a battle goes well, especially against dire odds, it’s often said that it’s because the gibbons copied their precursor charms correctly the night before.

Accuracy: +0
Speed: 24 squares
Size: Small(2)
Armor: +0
Morale: +1
Cost: 14
Precursor Fortune: Every seven gibbons can form a charm circle, who copy the sacred precursor charms for good fortune before the battle. This grants one reroll per charm circle in the battle. You may reroll any die roll made at any point during or immediately after the battle, including attack rolls and casualty rolls.
Arboreal: Gibbons move at full speed when climbing, but treat any flat terrain that is more than two inches/squares from any climbable terrain as difficult ground.

Gibbons are equipped with an SMG by default.

Gorillas (Gorillini Clan)

Gorillas are the biggest and strongest of any primate, so they run the show. While only one gorilla can be the actual leader of a troop, all of the gorillas in a troop together tend to make an aristocratic upper class. Gorillas aren’t stupid and know full well that other apes, especially chimps and orangutans, are at least as smart as they are, but some of them let the power go to their head anyway and start ignoring their fellow apes. Others maintain the (unenforced and unenforceable) clan tradition of holding council with fellow apes when making important decisions, and deciding in favor of the council majority. Unless of course they’re clearly trying to betray you, which happens sometimes with chimps.

Accuracy: +0
Speed: 12 squares
Size: Large(4)
Armor: +0
Morale: +2
Cost: 20
Intelligent: Gorilla COs get a free talent, and any gorilla may use an engineering torch to repair vehicles.
Impressive: If a gorilla is sergeant of a squad of smaller primates, those primates get a +1 bonus to morale so long as they are within six squares of the gorilla.

Gorillas are equipped with a machinegun by default.

Orangutans (Pongo Clan)

Orangutans are the premier engineers of primate society. Unlike the other apes, and most primates in general, Orangutans are solitary and usually prefer to keep a bit of distance from the rest of their troop and from one another, so often a primate camp will have some orangutan tinker workshops squirreled away into niches and crannies, where the orangutan who built the place will go to be alone and work on his stuff.

Accuracy: +1
Speed: 18 squares
Size: Medium(3)
Armor: +0
Morale: +2
Cost: 18
Solitary: Orangutans take a -1 penalty to Morale when part of a squad or fireteam with more than one other member. Non-orangutans in the same squad or fireteam share this penalty. This penalty does not apply if the orangutan is part of a two-primate (or one-primate) fireteam that is part of a larger squad, so long as the fireteam is broken off from the rest of the squad.
Intelligent Loner: Orangutans may use engineering torches to repair vehicles.
Arboreal: Orangutans move at full speed when climbing, but treat any flat terrain that is more than two inches/squares from any climbable terrain as difficult ground.

Orangutans are equipped with a shotgun and an engineering torch by default.

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