Old Comic Con Photos

I’ve been to a lot of Salt Lake Comic Cons, so I figured I’d squeeze a bit more content out by posting photos of the old ones.

Salt Lake Comic Con I (September 2013)

I think our spooktacular friend on stilts here might be from League of Legends? He looks cool, anyway. You can also see a table for Serpent’s Tongue in the background. That game had some cool ideas, but unfortunately never went anywhere.

Iron Man 3 was just a few months out at the time. These costumes were spectacular.
Okay, so, she’s Deadpool, but she’s also killed Deadpool?
Okay, here’s a space marine. Space marines are from 40k, so this counts as Dark Heresy content now.
Waldo was a trickier catch in the first year, but I got him before the end.
I…think this might be a WarCraft character? Fantastic costuming work, whoever she’s supposed to be.
With only one Hobbit film released, some people still held out hope that the trilogy might be good. Those poor bastards.


This is still one of the best Assassin’s Creed costumes I’ve seen at the convention. Competition isn’t extremely fierce in this category, but that’s still an accomplishment.

FanX I (April 2014)

I don’t know if these are actual characters or just general steampunkery, but they’re great.
Twilight Princess Zeldas are probably more common than every other depiction of Zelda put together. It’s easy to see why. Sheik is the only other version of the character putting up a fight.
A couple of Comic Con traditions didn’t solidify for me until later conventions. For example, taking candid and preferably crowd shots of Waldo. The original Waldo shot was only candid because I passed him on an escalator and had to think fast.
I forget, did these tattoos ever turn out to have any particular meaning? Also, you can see a guy on the right failing to give September’s Ezio competition.
Avatar costumes show up a lot and are almost always good. Like Alice in Wonderland, they don’t have the density of current fads (veritable armies of Deadpool, Jack Frost, Spider-Man, etc. show up when their movies are current) nor the consistent domination of Harley Quinn, but they’re always present and sometimes flare up to compete in the big leagues.
Carnage is looking a bit melty here, but I love the character so I’ll give it a pass. Carnage was one of the only 90s villains who got the “playful psychopath” thing right.
Best Pokemon costume.

Salt Lake Comic Con II (September 2014)

This guy responded to requests for pictures with “as you wish.”
Harley Quinn shows up in high density in ever convention photo folder, but I think this is the year I started specifically trying to get a photo of every Quinn I saw.
Found him!
Okay, Squirtle, Charmander, and Pikachu, obviously, but in the middle, is that Bulbasaur or one of the Nidorans?
Yes, that is a Sharknado costume. Life was better before 2016.
I believe this is a Cheshire Cat, which makes this one of my earliest Alice in Wonderland photos. Wonderland has always had a presence at the Salt Lake Comic Con, but when I was taking pictures on a dumb phone I wasn’t able to take enough pictures to capture trends. I would actually write things down in a notebook when I wanted to note the existence of something but didn’t think it was worth the memory to snap a photo.
I didn’t ask them to pose. I asked for a picture and they just did this.
I’ve heard good things about this version of Batgirl, but haven’t tracked down the books.

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