Winter Harbour Chaos Landing

We have Brandt’s Landing mostly finished, so we may end up posting most or all of its content while we recover from convention season. Today is the Chaos Landing reflection of a small area called Winter Harbour.

C1) This is Harbour Street, wending its way past warehouses just behind the docks. A single lurcher drags its feet through the streets. One warehouse in particular has had its doors left open, the corpse crucified within so mangled that it is barely recognizable as a human male.

C2) This is the docks themselves. As the characters (or a lone character) walks across any given pier, corpses begin to float up to the surface surrounding them. As the character(s) nears the end, the corpses come to life, pulling themselves up, limp and slippery and crawling up behind the characters on the pier, cutting them off from any escape. The waters below are guarded by the tentacles. There are a dozen of the drowned men, and they have the stats of puppets.

C3) This is an apparently derelict ship anchored in the middle of the river, tugged about on its anchor chain by the current. Three tentacles must be dodged to reach the ship. These tentacles are dodged in the same way as the ones from A3 or B7. The ship is abandoned but for its hold, which is filled with bilge water up to the average man’s thighs. Floating in the water are five corpses, and standing in it are two spook witches, manacled to the wall. A Thin Man maggotface stands on one of a half-dozen crates scattered throughout the hold, unsecured and shifting about with the rocking of the ship. The maggotface will not react unless targeted, but if the characters wade near the corpses they will come to life. Like the ones on the pier, they have the stats of puppets. The spook witches will do nothing, being that they’re manacled to the wall. The maggotface will attack after it is targeted or at least two of the drowned puppets are dead. Killing the maggotface will clear the area, such that encounters will no longer restock. Random encounters will flee the area and head for the first of these which has not yet been cleared: Fireside Downs(B), Red Row(F), East Vale(D), Winter Estates(E), Oldtown(G), Wrenwrick Crik(A).

The spook witches are submissive and have a starting disposition of 40, but any attempt at socialization with them takes a -30, as they’re under strict instruction not to speak to anyone, including each other.

Roll Encounter
1 (1)A stray skin wolf
2 (1)A stray skin wolf
3 (1)A single puppet
4 (1)A single puppet
5 (1)A wandering lurcher

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