Fireside Downs Chaos Landing

Here’s another neighborhood of the Chaos mirror of the town of Brandt’s Landing in Vestitas. Content warning: Slaanesh does not fuck around.

B1) This is the monastery of the Faceless Cult, accessible through the portal in the ground of the Materium version of the monastery. Crossing over provokes an immediate Challenging(+0) Willpower test, and failure gives an acolyte 1d5 corruption. The Warp side of the monastery is completely empty, but full of hideously tortured corpses, victims of the Thin Man.

B2) This is a stretch of wilderness surrounded on the east by Church Street (B3), on the north by Center Street (B4), and on the west by Jester Street (B5). A pale lady is here, accompanied by a skin wolf.

B3) This church along Church Street is abandoned even in the Materium, its Ministorum priest and his assistant slain by unknown criminal assailants (unsurprisingly, the culprits are actually the Cult of the Faceless). Here in the Warp, it is as dilapidated as in the Materium, but not actually abandoned. It is locked, although quiet sobbing can be heard near the doors or windows with a Difficult(-10) Awareness test. The key to unlock the church is in the PDF Guardhouse at B4, but the door itself, though thick wood, won’t hold up to any kind of heavy firepower if the players choose to go that route.

Inside, two spook witches kneel before the altar, looking up in awe as a Thin Man maggotface tortures a third witch atop it. Upon interruption, the maggotface will release the tortured spook witch and she and her two sisters will attack the interlopers. The maggotface will wait until at least one spook witch has died to join the fighting unless targeted directly. After killing the maggotface, the B area is cleared and will not restock. Remaining random encounters will flee to the first of these that has not been cleared: Winter Harbour (C), Red Row (F), Winter Estates (E), East Vale (D), Oldtown (G), Wrenwrick Crik (A).

B4) Center Street is inhabited by three puppets. Inside the PDF guardhouse there are four lurchers and the station pet, a skin wolf. There’s a key to the church at B3 lying on the counter at the guardhouse. Inside the guardhouse is a jail with two holding cells, one of which contains a spook witch. The spook witch is submissive, but all social interactions with her take a -30 unless the acolytes manage to convince her that they speak on behalf of the Thin Man, as she’s been instructed not to speak or listen to anyone but him.

B5) Jester Street is patrolled by a lone skin wolf. The theater is an open-air auditorium, Greek-style, built by an enterprising Ministorum bishop to put on morality plays. On the stage now is a maggotface raping a pale lady. That’s probably not what he had in mind. The two won’t stop unless attacked, in which case they fight as allies. If spoken to, the maggotface is confident and the pale lady is submissive. A small music box in this area plays music endlessly. The music seems horribly foreboding in an indescribable way. Upon first listening to it characters must make a supernatural Disturbing(+0) Fear test. The music box stops playing its music if shut. If the music box is shut, picked up, attacked, otherwise interfered with, the maggotface and the pale lady will cease their “performance” and attack.

B6) This semi-large house is an even more dilapidated version of the smuggler HQ found in Brandt’s Landing. Inside there is a maggotface guarded by four puppets. Upon seeing intruders, the maggotface will try to cut a deal with the characters, haggling with them for their peace of mind. His personality is confident and his starting disposition is 40. When his disposition reaches zero, he and his puppets attack. Any character who accepts the offer will gain 1 Influence (in the form of material wealth), 500 XP, or their psy rating increased by 1 and a new psy power from the telepathy discipline in exchange for 1d10 corruption. The maggotface will extract the “peace of mind” by walking up to the character, reaching inside of their mouth, and pulling out a three-foot long centipede. Once he’s made a deal with one character, he won’t deal with the others, saying he has what he needs already and indicating the centipede crawling around his arm. If the acolytes then kill the maggotface, there’s nothing they can do with the centipede. Eating the centipede requires a Disturbing(+0) Fear test, which is mundane, and successfully eating the centipede accomplishes nothing.

If the characters want a way to cross the river and haven’t yet traded away their “peace of mind,” the maggotface can conjure a charm that will cause the tentacles in the water to leave the wearer alone and offer it as trade. When a character touches the charm for the first time they must make a Challenging(+0) Willpower test and gain 1d5 Corruption if they fail. While wearing the charm, the tentacles will not attack a character and they can swim across water without making any tests not only at B7, but the other collapsed bridges at A3 and D7 as well.

B7) The bridge here is raised. In order to lower it, characters must cross the river or come at it from the other side, where the control panel is located in a small operator’s office. Crossing the river requires dodging five tentacle attacks in the water. The tentacles can be dodged with a Difficult(-10) Dodge test. Failing that, a Challenging(+0) Athletics check will allow a character to break free. On the other side, the operator’s office is inhabited by a lurcher.

Roll a random encounter whenever characters are in combat for four or more rounds in one location or spend a lot of time waiting around between encounters.

Roll Encounter
1 (3)Lone skin wolf
2 (3)Pack of two faceless children
3 (2)Pack of three puppets led by a pale lady
4 (2)Pair of pale ladies
5 (1)Maggotface leading two pale ladies

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