Dinosaur Riding Barbarians: Classes

I’ve written up the major nations for Dinosaur Riding Barbarians, but I don’t think I ever posted the class concepts. Let’s go ahead and fix that.


The Beastmaster commands a small pack of dinosaur minions, usually velociraptors or deinonychus. In addition to the obvious benefit of leading something like a half-dozen allies into battle, the Beastmaster can set up pack attacks. For example, when one of the Beastmaster’s pets is adjacent to an enemy and another pet charges from the opposite direction, the charging pet pounces and gets extra bonuses to attack and damage, if three pets have a single enemy surrounded, they each get heavy bonuses to their attack rolls, and so on. The Beastmaster himself has respectable attack and defense, and when he has all of his pets available and fighting effectively, he can deal more damage per round than any other class (counting the pets’ damage).

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Dinosaur Riding Barbarians: Stego-Hittites and Raptor Scythians

The last of the nations from Dinosaur Riding Barbarians are the Stego-Hittites and the Raptor Scythians. After this I will have to start making actually new content again. Or find some other old project to cannibalize for blog posts. One or the other. Minor formatting error in this post brought to you by the WordPress editor being wonky. For some reason I can’t make the Raptor Scythians header an actual header without turning the entire section into a header.

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Dinosaur Riding Barbarians: Tyrannassyria and Brachiosumeria

Digging once more into the well of previously made work that I thought I’d exhausted, here are the descriptions for various lands in Dinosaur Riding Barbarians, a TTRPG I’ve made that I still plan to complete…someday. Currently it’s maybe 60% of the way through a first draft. Completing the system isn’t much of a priority right now, but you might find the fluff useful for other games.

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