WordPress Post Numbers

Every post I draft or publish on WordPress has a number attached to it. For example, this one is number 5992. Now, I’ve only actually posted about 360 posts to this blog so far. So you might wonder if I’ve got five and a half thousand drafts gathering dust, half-finished or rejected for being below standards or something. And the answer is obviously not, because I have consistently been overwhelmed by the workload of updating daily, to the point where anything coherent and even moderately interesting gets posted, in some cases even if it’s only one or two paragraphs long and does nothing but ruminate about failed projects, or if it’s literally just pointing you to other people’s content, or whatever. I’m glad that I’ve been able to keep up a post a day for just about a full year (and by now I’ve got enough content in my buffer that just about nothing short of getting hit by a bus will stop me from meeting that goal), but it’s definitely the case that only a tiny handful of posts, maybe two or three dozen across the entire year, ever got deleted, because my only standard for quality has been “is this literally worse than nothing?” I.e. if someone were given a choice between reading my blog post or staring at a wall for an equivalent amount of time, is the blog post interesting enough to win?

Even counting every trashed post, I’ve got maybe 400 total. So why is this one labeled 5992? The number does seem to increment upwards over time, but clearly it doesn’t just increment up by one every time I start a new draft, or it’d be way lower right now.

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