The Turnabout Encounter

I’m gonna do that thing again where I post a YouTube video from someone way more popular than my blog, like way more popular, in order to piggyback a blog post on someone else’s effort with the fig leaf justification that I’m curating content.

As you’d expect from YouTubers closing in on one million subscribers, these guys tend to chase trends a bit and make musicals for things that are currently popular or well known to YouTube’s general audience, which is 12 year olds. Occasionally the taste of the average twelve year old happens to overlap with things that are actually good (Phoenix Wright is certainly an example), but you also get a lot of FNAF songs guest starring Markiplier.

The thing is, though, their music is pretty good, and much like how DBZ Abridged turned a show that is appealing pretty much only to twelve year olds (I like it, but that’s purely because I happened to be in that demographic when it was airing in the States and now I have fond memories) into something genuinely good on its own, Random Encounter’s Five Nights at Freddy’s is a better FNaF story than the actual FNaF.

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