Imbolc Update: Approaching the End of the Endless

It’s Imbolc. Celebrate the coming of spring by cleaning up the house and setting something on fire. Candles are traditional, but your neighbor’s car will also work.

I’m actually writing this a little late and backdating a few posts, something which has happened occasionally throughout my Year of Endless but didn’t used to bother me back before I had any actual readers at all. Hopefully my thrice weekly schedule come March and will be easier to maintain. Speaking of, February 26th will be the last daily update for this blog, and starting March 1st I plan to update on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, mainly because I already write my Darkest Dungeon series on Sundays so the rest of the schedule is getting built around that.

There may be additional posts on off-days, especially since the Tuesday and Thursday posts will likely be continuing hex encounters for Vestitas until I have that project wrapped up, which is likely to take at least another few months. I’m aware that what few followers the blog has don’t really care and would probably prefer that time and effort be dedicated to more writing-focused posts (unsurprising demographic data: People who read books are significantly more likely to read blogs than people who have other hobbies), but I remain committed to finishing up previous projects and trying to limit the number of new projects I embark on while doing so, and so long as that’s chewing up a decent chunk of my free time it’s going to be the meat of what I blog about. That said, I do also plan to spend a lot of time writing this year and that will probably produce writing-related content semi-regularly on the off-days.

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