Writing to Market: This Book is Spishy

I’m reading up on writing recently, as part of my ongoing efforts to hopefully someday make a living off of that, since on size of market alone my odds are much better there than in tabletop gaming. As part of that, I dropped some pocket change on a Kindle book called “Writing to Market” which claims to help books sell better by finding underserved genres and serving them. This sounds like a reasonable strategy to me if you can find the damn things and decided it was worth $4 to see if this guy actually knows how to dowse for untapped markets.

Here is a screenshot from my Kindle app of page one, with a relevant claim highlighted:Writing to Market 1

So you can probably guess that somewhere in this book I’ve found an example that did use romance. You may not guess that it is on page two:

Writing to Market 2

I’m going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt that he meant examples of finding a genre or something, rather than all examples, period. Even assuming it’s just slightly sloppy phrasing, though, I’m immediately more skeptical of taking writing advice from someone who let an apparent contradiction slip in separated by like five paragraphs. This isn’t a Reddit comment or a blog post. I paid him for this. Why wasn’t this caught in revision?

1 thought on “Writing to Market: This Book is Spishy”

  1. Chris Fox is pretty well respected in the indie writing community. A lot of people who know a lot more about selling books than I do have found his stuff helpful.

    If you have specific questions about his advice, I recommend starting a thread at the Kboards Writers’ Café.


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