Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a game I got during the Steam Christmas sale but only bothered playing just now. It may just be because I’ve only just started playing, and more flaws will reveal themselves over time, but Hollow Knight is an incredible game. I can’t find enough good things to say about it. Its atmosphere is amazing, the location – a fallen kingdom of sapient bugs called Hallownest – is interesting and new and varied and makes me want to explore it, the combat is fun and challenging. It’s something I’d recommend to anyone who likes Metroidvania games even a little bit.

One thing that I like about it that I couldn’t have told you I’d like in advance is how small and agile the player character is (at this point I’m not sure if you’re the titular hollow knight or if maybe the hollow knight is the main bad guy or just some critical piece of background lore or what). The player character is at least a little bit smaller than almost every enemy and NPC encountered and is kind of adorable, but the controls are extremely responsive, the arc of the sword slash is wide, and the mana you use to heal or attack at range is recharged by smacking enemies, which encourages (and as time goes on, more and more requires) a very mobile and aggressive playstyle. The juxtaposition between how cute the character looks and how very deadly he can be with just a little practice is strangely compelling.

So I spent most of my spare time playing Hollow Knight today, which is why I’m posting about it instead of making real content.

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