Seawave Ruins

The first adventure in what will probably be a five-adventure series is now up on the DM’s Guild. This is the more scaled back version of the original Thar hexcrawl I’ve mentioned earlier. It plucks out the handful of hex ideas that seem most interesting and converts them into adventures that can be run by themselves or as a series. I’m hoping to upload them one every Sunday and be done with the whole project before Imbolc on February 2nd. There’s four left to go and six Sundays left before Imbolc, not to mention a seventh right after Imbolc, and I’d consider myself on deadline if I finish the actual work before Imbolc but then my schedule demands that the content technically go live slightly after – I’m wrapping up the Thar project mainly for personal reasons, not because I anticipate anyone actually cares that much and wants a firm deadline for release. In any case, the point of this to say that I can lose a couple of Sundays and still be on schedule, and one of those Sundays will probably be next Sunday, because it’s Christmas Eve, yo, I got celebrating to do.

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